Shower me with kisses

I was working on the computer upstairs in our office tonight while Jody played with Ava in the living room. After about 30 minutes, I heard her chattering as she came up the stairs. She walked up to me looking cute as a bug in her lil yellow jammies. I picked her up into my lap where she immediately began showering me with kisses. 21 kisses to be exact. Yes, I counted them aloud as she kissed me. 😉

In the middle of this, Jody came upstairs to get her. She started signing “milk please” to me (well, really just “please” – she’s dropped the “milk” part of it over the past couple days – guess it was slowing her down) as she continued to give me kisses.

When Jody tried to lean in to steal a kiss, she gave him the stink eye and said “bye-bye.” A few seconds later he leaned in trying for one more and got pushed away along with another “bye-bye.” Aww, poor daddy. He walked away feeling dejected.

Apparently all my kisses were her way of sucking up to me (doh, quite literally) so that she could nurse. 😉 I’m not complaining. It was one of the sweetest things she’s ever done (and that’s saying a lot).

I got a few more kisses when she was finished nursing and then off she went toddling happily back to daddy to play some more.

Daddy was happy. Mama was happy. Ava was happy.

*Sigh* 🙂 I’m a lucky woman.

3 thoughts on “Shower me with kisses”

  1. Kind of reminds of a pic I saw once. I think it was in a WIC office, I dont remember. It had a pic of a baby breastfeeding. The caption was “Sucking up to the boss”. Lol, it was cute.

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