Just one more reason

My OB/GYN’s office just gave me one more reason why I am so glad to be leaving their practice.

Here’s a little history on why I decided to find a new doctor.
1. Dr. Lame (as I like to call her) never volunteered any information to me while I was in the hospital for 5 days recovering from HELLP syndrome. If I didn’t know the questions to ask, I got nothing.
2. Despite my clear birthing plan that I would be “breathing my baby down,” (as is taught in HypnoBirthing) NOT pushing on command while holding my breath, Dr. Lane instructed me, “Hold your breath while you push!” I refused. (Small victory for Amy.)
3. Despite my best efforts to avoid an episiotomy, Dr. Lame convinced me I was going to tear horribly if I didn’t have one, and in the throes of labor I agreed to be cut.
4. Dr. Lame had no bedside manner what-so-ever.
5. (This is the one that really put me over the edge.) The morning after AVA was born, Dr. Lame asked me how my SON was doing!!! If she couldn’t remember the sex of my child from the night before, she needed to consult my chart (which should have it in there for God’s sake!)!

Anyway, all of these reasons and more made me decide that I never wanted to see the woman again. So when it came time for my annual physical this year, I decided to go elsewhere and request my records from Dr. Lame’s office for my new physician.

That brings me to my story…

I sent in a signed request for my medical records about 5 weeks ago. After not receiving the records in the mail or getting a call asking me to pick them up, I called the office last week to find out if they even received the the request in the first place. “Oh yes, we have it. Can you come in Tuesday morning to pick them up?” “Sure, not a problem.”

Tuesday afternoon (because we got a late start on the day), Ava and I drove to the office to pick up my records. “Oooh, it looks like Dr. Lame hasn’t signed off on them yet. It should be later today or tomorrow. Can I give you a call and let you know?” “Sure, that will be fine.”

Tuesday evening I get a call saying the records are ready. “Come by “anytime.” I interpret “anytime” to mean any time during business hours. Seems straight-forward enough, right?

So today, Wednesday afternoon, Ava and I drive up there AGAIN. We take the elevator to the 2nd floor and walk up to the office. The lights are off inside and there’s a note on the locked door that says “Please leave the mail with the Land Title Office.”

You gotta be kidding me! Where are they?? Strike two!!

So I get out my pen and write on the note:
“Name of Practice,
Please call Amy ________ at 123-456-7890 re: medical records. This is the 2nd time I’ve been by to pick them up. Thank you, Amy ________”

Just a little while ago they called and left a message (I had a sleeping child on me and couldn’t answer the phone) to say “I’m so sorry we weren’t here. We’re back now and will be in the office until 5:30/6.”

Did they offer to put them in the mail for me so I don’t have to make a THIRD trip up there? No.

Jody said I should call them back and tell them I have a child (though they probably don’t have that in their records!) and I can’t make five trips up there a day. It’d be funnier if it weren’t so likely.

I just want my stinkin’ records so I can wash my hands of them. Is that too much to ask?

6 thoughts on “Just one more reason”

  1. What an ordeal! You have great patience to handle such a situation, I don’t know that I’d be as cool about it. They should have mailed you your documents weeks ago!

  2. When I called today they said they would put them in the mail. (I’m not going to hold my breath.) That’s when it occurred to me that that was exactly what I requested when I signed the records release in the first place!!

    I’ll be so glad to be done w/ the lot of them!

  3. Glad my doc’d better…. !! Had it been me, I’d *totally* lose my cool, *wait* for them and throw them remarks that sarcastic they’d have reveletions for the whole week understanding one at a time :p (may be it was schoolmates- maybe it was just me… but i have a talent for being rude ;p)
    still…i hope u get the records soon!!

  4. I understand COMPLETELY! At least you got your records for free. I got charged for mine under “policy”. I quit after my episiotomy debacle–and now I have a permanent hiatal hernia condition from their idea of pushing. Boy, this post got me riled up. I feel for you. Be rid of them! Good for you!

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