SPF – “Worked up, stressed out, and worn out”

Katy says this week’s theme is:
“Let’s see what gets you worked up, stressed out, and worn out.”

I’ve got a few things up my sleeve that fit that theme quite nicely.

1) My dogs
My dogs have been stressing me out like crazy lately. They tear up our semi-new sod in the backyard and have been running away every chance they get. Note the hole they’ve chewed into the gate! Arg!

2) Doing laundry
It’s neverending! Whew! :oP

3)Lack of time
It seems like there’s never enough time to do everything I want/need to do. I’d have a picture to illustrate this, but uh…I’m out of time!!

4)Lack of money
Just like time, there never seems to be enough $$ money $$.
(I cheated on this pic.)

4) Last, but certainly not least – EverQuest II
EQ (aka EverCrack!) gets me very worked up. – My dh hasn’t been playing it much lately (thank you, Jody), but I still can’t stand this game. Did you know there have been real life suicides linked to the game? And one woman’s 3-year-old daughter died while she played EQ. See this story and this story and sadly still this story.
Anyway, you get the point.
This … game … infuriates … me.

Update: I feel the need to clarify that I am not a gamer and I do NOT play EQ – not now, not ever. I just have no desire to play games. It’s my husband’s obsession er, I mean hobby, 😉 not mine. And yes, he’s played more than just EQ1 and EQ2. It was World of Warcraft for a while and also that Star Wars game. Blah. Not a fan of games here.

See what gets the rest of the bunch stressed out over at Katy’s blog.

7 thoughts on “SPF – “Worked up, stressed out, and worn out””

  1. Another friend of mine mentioned these games to me–her husband is limited to a certain night he’s allowed to play–but he has a friend texting him asking him to play every night. He is instructed to say “no”. Just say no!

  2. OH my- lmao! You play Everyquest?
    My husband used to play the hell out of that game (was quite popular in EQI then moved to EQII when it came out but has recently switched to World of Warcraft).
    I just think it’s funny when I meet someone who also plays video games

  3. UGH! I’m not into games like that and not to defend them but it’s not the game is the people who play them. If they can’t say no to a game (and if they didn’t have the game to play) it would most likely be something else. Drink, drugs, gambling, etc. It’s the addictive personality combined with a break from reality.

    Ooo, don’t even get me started on laundry! Happy SPF two days late.

  4. warcrygirl,
    i totally hear what you are saying. unfortunately, i think my husband is one of those with an addictive personality. i guess i would much rather have him play games than be off gambling, drinking or doing drugs, but it still gets frustrating at times.

    and just to clarify again. no, no, no, i don’t play EQ or any other games. it’s my husband that does.
    my addiction is blogging and msg boards. 😉

  5. I always say that I’d rather have my husband dorking out on the computer than hangin’ out at bars, but still. It drives me crazy!! He will stay on all night and then crawl into bed with just a few hours until he has to go to work. Then he’s super cranky with everyone for the rest of the day.

    I grump about it, but he has a point when he says that blogging takes up just as much time.

    My only rebuttal (did I spell that right?) is that I don’t go online to kill Orks and other repulsive pretend monsters..

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