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I feel like I haven’t been posting anything of substance lately except pics, money woes and rants about my stinkin’ refrigerator.

Here it is, almost Friday again (where did the week go?) which means we are gearing up for another SPF (Self Portrait Friday). Katy hasn’t announced the theme yet though.

And do I have anything of substance to write about today? Eh, not really. :oP

Ava is sleeping on me with a boob in her mouth at the moment. I’d go lay her down but she really needs to get a good nap in today because we’re heading out to a meeting (for the advisory committee of that new attachment parenting group I’m involved in) in a litle bit and I want her to be well-rested. So I’ll just keep her here with me. 🙂 The group’s first meeting is less than a month away! I’m excited but also a bit concerned as I wonder what kind of turnout we’ll have. Guess we shall see.

I cut Ava’s hair last night. She was in desperate need of a trim. Surprisingly, it didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it might. Maybe I’ll post a pic. I just took one of her earlier because besides the new haircut, she’s also wearing a new dress today – one that Aunt Carrie bought her in India. She got her a couple punjabi suits too, but they are too small for my large Western baby. 😉

I do want to give a shout out to Brad over at Greystone Inn. He was nice enough to put up a link to my AP store on his site. 🙂 Thanks, Brad. One of the storylines Brad’s comic strip follows is the adventures of Mac and Samantha – new parents who are practicing attachment parenting. He now has a book for sale with a collection of his AP strips called Prodromal Teeth. “The best of the Greystone strips about pregnancy and parenthood, reformatted into a graphic novel layout. Positive themes of attachment parenting such as breastfeeding and natural childbirth make this a terrific gift for parents-to-be.”

Well, the lil chica has arisen, so I’m off. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Random thoughts”

  1. hmm…u have an Eastern dress for your daugter? wow. 😉 Hey, I’m in East and as yet haven’t managed to get hold of one!! lucky u 🙂 I gave her measurements for a perfect fir for a *shalwar kameez* the traditional dress and aint heard of it since (been atleast 3 wks!)

  2. BW – it’s not a traditional dress or anything, just a little girl’s dress that was made in india.

    r2ks – pics are still on the camera. will post when i take them off.

    eliz – hey there. 🙂

  3. Hey! just wandered by im nt sure how but nice blog. 🙂 i’m not sure if ur aunt is aware but some indians take offense at westerners wearing our stuff and such because alot of western girls pretend they like our culture n marry our men, which is bad because indian n arab women r treated horribly, and there r severe differences in cultural morals which help change our culture in bad ways and make a slap in the face to us….but ur western married to a westerner so i think ur fine 🙂 anyway im not able to have kids, but i will b an auntie ji myself n i like reading ur blog. it’s fun! have a great day and take care!

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