Google’s got it goin’ on

Dissatisfied with your (or your husband’s) company’s benefits (or lack thereof)?
Check out what Google offers their employees (and get yourself really pissed off):
Google’s benefits

Some of the perks include:
* 12 weeks of maternity leave at 75% pay
* 6 weeks of parental leave at 75% pay
* $500 take-out food allowance to families with new babies
* adoption assistance up to $5000
* free healthy lunches and dinners on-site
* childcare
* tuition reimbursement up to $8000 per year
* on-site oil change, car wash, dry cleaning, massage therapy, gym, hair stylist, fitness classes and bike repair
* employee referral program ($2000 bonus)
* plus all the basics – medical, dental and vision (not to mention doctors are available on-site)

Can you say holy crap?? Go ahead. Say it. HOLY CRAP! Now that is a company that knows how to treat it’s employees. I bet their retention rate is extremely high. Who would want to leave a company that will bend over backwards for you?

Where do I sign up?? 😉

I should probably add that the reason I was even looking at Google’s perks is because my husband was day-dreaming that his current company would get bought out by Google. ::sigh:: We’ve all got our dreams.

8 thoughts on “Google’s got it goin’ on”

  1. just wondering…. since my husband probably wont get a job in this company….is it possible to sue google? :p reasons? plenty…
    1. giving undue heartache to ppl who dont work in their company by these benefits :p
    2. treating employees over-nicely (??)
    3. creating dis satisfaction for ppl in other companies…
    n so on :p

  2. Ok, yeah, I said “holy crap”, but only after I picked my jaw up off the tile floor!! What a bunch of crap for the rest of us ‘regular’ people…

  3. I wonder how you get hired by google. I am in a state of awe and denial. With as much time as I spend in this chair it sure would be nice to get dining coupons. Heck, I could even afford another bambina…maybe even a litter.

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