SPF – Watchin’ the boob tube

Katy says: “Self Portrait Friday. Let’s see you where you hang out and watch your TV. Show me your lovely furniture and how you get comfy on it.”

Here are a couple pics taken a week or two ago of me and Miss Ava chillin’ in the livingroom. Not sure if the tv was on or not, but we can pretend it was. 😉

This last one is from tonight – the whole fam damily. 😉

See how everyone else gets comfy watching tv over on The Dirty Days.

Happy Friday! And Happy Labor Day Weekend! 🙂

P.S. Good news! After running a fever of over 104 for the past 4 days, it looks like Ava might be in the clear. Keeping my fingers crossed that this stinkin’ virus is gone.

14 thoughts on “SPF – Watchin’ the boob tube”

  1. Happy Friday? Happy weekend? Nice that you haven’t even bothered to mention the complete devastation that people are experiencing from the hurricane but it’s nice to see how you spend your time relaxing last night.

  2. someone call the orkin man so he can kill the bug that just crawled up “anonymous'” ass…….what is it exactly, you’d like her to do??? travel to the states to help, even though everyone there is trying to leave???… send money???? yeah right, aren’t we all hurting for money. it’s a shame what happened to LA, MS, FL (and any other state that has been affected)…..but we all have our own families to worry about and take care of……we can’t just put our lives on hold when there really isn’t much we can do from here!! so don’t be such a prick!!

  3. What about take a moment to say a prayer, a moment to think about the innocent people that are dying? I don’t know Shelby, I guess we wouldn’t want to put “our lives on hold” unless it directly affects our families… so sorry. Carry on, post your “boob tube” pictures.

  4. Hmmm, I got my first troll today also, I wonder if it is troll day in the blogosphere. I was really surprised too because it was to a post months back and was fairly nasty.

    Cute pics, though, beautiful family!

  5. “What about take a moment to say a prayer, a moment to think about the innocent people that are dying?”

    Obviously because I didn’t post anything on my blog means that I don’t give a shit about what’s going on in LA, etc. No, I never gave it a second though. All I care about is ME, ME, ME. Isn’t that apparent from my blog? Ok, that’s enough time wasted on you.

    Thanks to everyone else. 🙂 Sorry to hear the trolls are out in force, HL. Unfortunately, this isn’t my first troll, but my first one in a LOOOONG time. Must be time to change the troll filter. 😉

  6. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! Yes, we care about the world…but really, we are also a blog community. I have not posted one thing about the hurricane, why should I? What would I say? Amy’s right, just because we don’t mention it doesn’t mean we don’t think about it and do do what we can (I said do-do). 🙂 It’s OUR blog, and we can post what we want to post about. Okay..I’m making no sense what so ever, but you know what I mean, don’t cha Amy?

    Tons of love to ya chicka!

  7. I forgot to say that I love your pictures! 🙂 And…don’t worry about your little one, although it’s easier said than done. I’ve learned that the best thing for a fever is rest and the breast! 🙂

  8. There was a reason Shirley Temple was so popular in her era–it was because people desperately needed something to smile about in the midst of a difficult time. It gave people the strength to go on.

  9. Wow, Purple Kangaroo. What a nice way to put that.

    Sometimes it is not simply a matter of heads in sand so much as carrying on, in spite of horrific events.

    If all we thought about was the negative pretty soon, that would be all that was left. Of course people care about disasters. (Duh!) But, there’s only so much that can be done.

    You cannot pour from an empty cup.

    Amy, you just keep filling your (and all of our) cup(s) with your beautiful family – their photos, stories, etc. After all, isn’t that just the kind of lifestyle that so many of us are trying to save and/or hold on to?

    Gosh, I didn’t see that soap box lying there until it was too late. Ooops! I guess I must’ve tripped onto it again.

    You have a good weekend, too, Amy.

  10. Allright, I see hubby has a laptop. I am so jealous. I want to hold my computer in my lap, but it is just a little too big.lol…. Oh yes, I love the area rug as well. Quite lovely darling.;)–>

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