A few happy things

Happy thing #1 – Ava peed in her potty for the first time Friday! 🙂

No, I haven’t started potty training/learning in earnest with her yet, but we got her a potty and I set her on it whenever she seems interested.

On Friday I was getting her ready for a bath and she was enjoying some naked time while the tub filled. She came into the bathroom with me and I set her on the potty for kicks. (I’ve done this in the past and she’s never gone to the bathroom on it.) She started signing “poop” and I thought for a moment that was going to poop right there, but she didn’t. Then she signed “apple” or so I thought (it is really similar to the sign for “toilet” or “potty”). When she stood up, there it was! No, not an apple. 😉 Pee in the potty! I got so excited. I ran for my camera and took a couple pics of her sitting on the potty afterwards. Hee, hee.

Happy thing #2
– Garage sales!

On Saturday I discovered what so many people have long-since known – garage sales can be a wonderful place to find the things you need for very little money. (Thanks to my mother-in-law who picked up a few cute outfits for Ava at garage sales recently and inspired me to do some bargain hunting myself.)

Since we are going to Massachusetts at the end of the month (holy crap, that’s only 2 weeks away!), I have been wanting to get Ava some fall clothes for the trip and, of course, she’ll be able to use them here as well once the weather cools down. Not having much money for my spending spree, I decided to pick up a newspaper on Friday, check out the classifieds and map out some garage sales in my area. I got up yesterday morning and headed out, hopeful that I could find a few things for my sweet pea. Not only did I find a few things, I found an ass-load!!

11 toddler shirts (some Gymboree, Osh Kosh and Old Navy)
2 dresses (one is Baby Crew)
3 pairs of overalls (all Osh Kosh)
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of pants
1 matching top/bottom outfit
a ladybug Halloween costume (super cute!!)
and a little push/popper toy

3 t-shirts
a copper bracelet
a purse

4 Tupperware bowls and lids

How much did I pay for my crap-ton of loot you ask?
$18, that’s right, $18!!! 🙂

Yes, I’m quite pleased with how my first garage saling adventure went. While shopping brings a high all its own, walking away with a ton of sah-weeeeet deals makes it all the better. I’m still giddy from bargain-finding endorphins. (Ask Jody. He’ll tell you what a good mood I’ve been in all weekend.) 🙂

And lastly, Happy thing #3 – Jody’s been taking care of a lot of things around the house this weekend – fixing the gate, making breakfast this morning, doing dishes, vacuuming, and mowing the grass. I’m always appreciative when the honey-dos turn into honey-dones. Yay for helpful honeys. 🙂