Good news x 2

Hooray! We had a great first meeting of our local chaper of Attachment Parenting International this morning. There were about 16 moms (and 1 dad), as well as lots of babies and toddlers. Not a bad turnout for our very first meeting!

We had a lactation consultant as our featured speaker and she discussed extended nursing (nursing past 12 months), nursing while pregnant and tandem nursing (nursing two children, generally a toddler and an infant).

Everyone seemed to interact well and the kids got along well too. Ava was all over the place playing with everyone, saying “hi” to everyone, trying to drink out of everybody’s water bottles. LOL One of the ladies who is pregnant with her first child even commented on how independent she is. I am pretty sure I could’ve left her for the two hours and she never would’ve missed me, she was having such a good time. In fact, we split up into groups for part of the meeting so I went to a different part of the room. Since she was playing happily at the little toy kitchen, I decided to leave her be, expecting to hear her cry after a few minutes wondering where I was. Nope. She was happy as a clam. She’s always amazing me. (Speaking of amazing, she peed in the potty again yesterday.)

I think we (the advisory committee) are all relieved that the first meeting is over with and was well-received. We have meetings and speakers planned for October and November, and will do a holiday social event in December (which is the next big thing we have to plan). And we also have to start thinking about what topics we will feature and who we will have as speakers for our meetings next year.

The other good news is that I found out two (more) of my friends are pregnant with their second child! They are due within a week of each other. There must be something in the water lately. ;o) Anyway, I’m very happy for them (and will live vicariously through them and another pg friend in the group) since Jody and I don’t plan to start trying again anytime soon. Congratulations Brandy and Julie!! 🙂

WBW #1

Here’s my first attempt at Way Back Wednesday. The Kept Woman says this week’s theme is “Your Best Worst outfit.” Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), my mom still has most of my photos from my youth so I didn’t have the full gamut to pick through. Had I had full access, I’m sure I could’ve found something absolutely awful from my middle school years.
Anyway, here’s what I came up with:
Definitely not the worst outfit I wore I am sure, but still pretty bad. In high school, my four friends and I would wear sweatshirts (that one of the girl’s mom’s painted for us) for our holiday get-togethers (as well as to school! gasp!), like Halloween, Christmas and I think there might have been an Easter one too. Anyway, they would have five things on them (pumpkins or in this case, presents) – one for each of us. And have our names on them as well as “Fab Five” (which is what we dubbed ourselves). So here I am at our Fab Five Christmas party, modeling a pair of panties from our “pretty panty exchange.” Sexy! The green turtle neck adds such a nice touch, don’t you think? As well as the bows in my hair (which weren’t really party of the original outfit – they were added while opening our presents). And I don’t think those acid-washed jeans couldn’t have been much tighter. Of course, I guarantee they were “tight-rolled” at the bottom too and I probably had on white socks with black shoes. Groovy baby!!
It’s too bad I couldn’t find a pic from Halloween, because in addition to the special sweatshirts, we also wore Halloween boxer shorts and long underwear! Yes, even to school! ;oP
Now go check out the other bad outfits over on The Kept Woman. I’ll bet there are some doozies. 🙂