Greetings from MA

Just a quick post to say we’re having a lovely, relaxing time out East.

Unfortunately, we seem to be a couple weeks early for the fall foliage, which is a HUGE bummer to me, but what can ya do? The website I visited while planning this trip said peak was around Oct. 1. The woman we spoke with today on our drive to the “mountains” in Vermont said that they don’t really start changing til around Oct. 12 or so. Arg! (BTW, I say “mountains” because they are so much smaller than what we’re used to in CO. In fact, the highest peaks in MA and VT are lower than the elevation we live at. hehe.)

Anyway, we have had a couple days of rain, but today was beautiful. Tomorrow is also supposed to be nice so we plan to hit the Appalachian Trail for some hiking. 🙂

Ava has been an awesome traveller, both on the 2 flights to get here and with all the driving we’ve been doing. She is having a blast (despite cracking her head into the coffee table in our condo on Sunday – poor thing). She’s being very friendly with Grandma and Grandpa (who are staying across the hall from us) as well as anyone and everyone we encounter in stores, etc. She sure is a friendly girl! And she’s starting to say more and more actual words (not just signs). It’s pretty exciting. 🙂

OK, I’m off to go soak in our jacuzzi tub. I’ll post again later in the week or when we’re back home.

Cheers! 🙂