Some Ava pics

I’ve been playing around with my friend’s camera, trying to get a feel for it the past couple of days. It helps to have an adorable subject to photograph (yes, I’m biased), but doesn’t help that she won’t sit still for more than a second at at time. 😉
Anyway, here are a few pics I’ve taken of my lil sweetie.

Sitting with our pumpkins (pumpas).

Time for a bath!

Playing with leaves.

Fun with sticks.

Waving to a duck in the pond.

Also, I finally scored a toy shopping cart today. (I’ve been trying to track down a used one for a while now.) I was driving by a kids’ resale shop and noticed a little boy in the doorway with a cart. I went in and asked if it was for sale and found out the little boy’s mom has JUST brought it in. I paid $7.99 for it and now Ava has something to push her babies (and everything else) around in. Yay! 🙂

Thriving on one income

Tomorrow is our second Cherished Children API (Attachment Parenting International) meeting. I’m especially looking forward to it because we are having a financial advisor (someone Jody and I had an initial consulation with) speak about surviving and thriving on one income. I think we’ll have a really good turnout because money (or lack thereof) is such an important issue for so many people who want to have one parent stay home with the kids while the other works.

This particular financial advisor is the father of three – two biological children and one adopted – and his wife stays at home with them. So he definitely sees the value to having one parent stay at home and likes to help others achieve it as well.

Jody and I met with him about a month ago to help get our finances in order, develop a budget, find out what else we can do to make ends meet, etc. We have a lot of paperwork we need to complete and information (tax returns, insurance policies, 401K info, etc.) to gather before we go back to see him again. It’s coming along slowly but surely, though I am the one pursuing most of it and trying to keep us on track.

Since Jody works only a few blocks from where our AP meeting takes place, he might stop in for a while. We had one dad come to our first meeting and are hoping to attract more and more since a lot of the information we cover in our meetings is beneficial to the whole family. 🙂

I can’t believe it’s already after 2 p.m. today! Ava woke up early this morning, played around for like an hour and a half, then we both went back to sleep and didn’t get up til almost noon. Oops! Anyway, I feel like the day is practically over and it only just started for us. I’m glad I got my baking done yesterday and Sunday – 4 loaves of yummy zucchini bread with chocolate chips.

We’re off to run errands and take some pics. I’m borrowing a friend’s (super wowee) camera for the week to get accustomed to it because I’m using it to take family pictures for her on her daughter’s first birthday in a couple weeks. I’m loving the quality of pics I get off this camera. Can’t wait til I can afford a nicer one for myself (and my future photography business)! Ahhh, someday! 🙂