Some Ava pics

I’ve been playing around with my friend’s camera, trying to get a feel for it the past couple of days. It helps to have an adorable subject to photograph (yes, I’m biased), but doesn’t help that she won’t sit still for more than a second at at time. 😉
Anyway, here are a few pics I’ve taken of my lil sweetie.

Sitting with our pumpkins (pumpas).

Time for a bath!

Playing with leaves.

Fun with sticks.

Waving to a duck in the pond.

Also, I finally scored a toy shopping cart today. (I’ve been trying to track down a used one for a while now.) I was driving by a kids’ resale shop and noticed a little boy in the doorway with a cart. I went in and asked if it was for sale and found out the little boy’s mom has JUST brought it in. I paid $7.99 for it and now Ava has something to push her babies (and everything else) around in. Yay! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Some Ava pics”

  1. That little girl loves her sticks!
    It looks like you cut her hair some more. Tell Ava Grandma loves her and misses her a lot. Kisses to my little pumpkin. (Good buy on that shopping cart, too, honey.)

  2. I got my lil one a toy shopping cart and guess what? she wants to ride in it… and wants me to push… all day long!!! *now* I’ve put it in away… hey… you cant blame me :p good luck with yours!!

  3. grandma s. – nope, i haven’t cut her hair again. i think it was just messy. thanks. you know how i love a good deal. 😉

    blogwriter – too funny! the basket part comes off of ours and jody has already been pushing ava around on the wheeled cart part. she loves it. she hasn’t tried to get me to do it yet.

    harmonia – thank you! 🙂

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