Now thatโ€™s depressing

Even though my husband got paid today, our bank account doesn’t reflect that. There were seven bills out there in limbo counting on this money to come in.

It kills me. The day he gets paid, we are already broke again. This vicious cycle sucks!

We haven’t paid our car tag renewal yet (due in August) and have been driving around with an expired plate because we can’t afford it.

We don’t live a lavish lifestyle. We don’t live in a huge house. We only have one car. Jody takes the bus (free pass) to work more days than not. He also takes his lunch from home almost every day.

We don’t put purchases on credit cards anymore (except for my camera which has no interest for 18 months), but we still have some credit card debt we are trying to pay off. However, making the minimum monthly payments (which is all we can afford right now) is obviously not making a dent in it. We’re also still paying off medical bills from when Ava was hospitalized for croup nearly four months ago.

I never buy brand new clothes for Ava. Everything comes from garage sales or thrift/consignment stores. She’s desperately in need of a couple pairs of good warm pjs because she won’t keep blankets on her while she sleeps. And we never buy new clothes for ourselves.

I will admit that we go out to dinner once in a while. (I should clarify that these aren’t expensive meals – always under $20, generally more like $12 or $15.) I know we shouldn’t go at all because we certainly can’t afford it, but I feel like that’s something we have to do or I’ll go crazy.

I’m just feeling so frustrated and overwhelmed and had to let it out.

I’m not looking for handouts. I don’t want pity. I just want to be able to afford to live.

I welcome any tips or suggestions you all have. What has worked for you or people you know?

Thankfully I have some money coming in sometime this month from my CafePress store. Thank you to everyone who has purchased something from me. ๐Ÿ™‚ October was a great month for sales for me. I hoped that sales would continue to pick up as Christmas approaches (from people buying them as gifts), but it doesn’t seem to be happening that way.

And I’m trying to sell the things we have sitting around the house that we aren’t using. Still no takers on the crib though. Know anyone who wants one? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m also hoping that I can contribute to our income through photography. However, with winter approaching and not having any sort of studio in my house, I’m not sure how much “work” I’ll be able to do. Guess I didn’t pick the best time of year to get into this.

I’ll quit whining now. I just really needed to get this off my chest. Thanks for “listening.” I know we won’t be broke forever. This too shall pass. And I’m very thankful for the things we do have and all the things that money can’t buy like smiles, laughter and love. ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. Maybe I should whine more often, I just had a sale on my CafePress store. ๐Ÿ˜‰