Preparing for Thanksgiving

Ava and I hit the grocery store today (along with tons of other folks) to do our Thanksgiving meal shopping. I figured a Monday afternoon wouldn’t be so crowded, but it seems I was wrong. The store was full of people for Miss Ava to converse with. I think she said “hi” to something like 27 people. 😉 Most replied, though some did not. Some replied to the first few greetings, but not to the 10 more that followed. 😉 What can I say – she’s a very friendly girl. (Where does she get *that* from??) :oP

Her latest saying is “oh no!” which Jody taught her on Saturday to go along with “uh oh” (an old stand-by, of course). She always says “Wow!” and has gotten pretty good about repeating a lot of things we say. (Note to self: watch your mouth.)

Back to Thanksgiving…
We are having a quiet Thanksgiving dinner at home this year – just the three of us – though from the amount of food I bought today, you’d think we were having a full house. I figured we can have turkey leftovers for a while.

I thought about having a vegetarian Thanksgiving (I’ve done it in years past) and getting a tofurky, but decided to go the traditional route. My past vegetarian Thanksgivings have always consisted solely of side dishes, so I’ve not yet had the pleasure of eating a tofurky. Anyone had any experience with one? How are they?

We have a lot to be thankful for this year. Our health leads the list, with happiness following closely behind. Other things I’m thankful for are a roof over my head, heat and electricity, food, clothes, family and friends. What would I do without family and good friends?

I’m kind of bummed that we won’t be having a big family get-together for the holidays this year, especially in light of some news we received regarding my father-in-law’s health (he was diagnosed with emphysema). Hopefully we will get to drive down to Oklahoma City to see my in-laws in February for Jody’s birthday.
As for my side of the family, my sister is flying in to see us in January (yay!) and then perhaps Ava and I (at the least) will travel to MI in the spring or summer to visit my folks if they don’t come out here.

That’s all for now. In case I don’t write again this week, I hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving (and safe travels for those who will be on the roads or in the air)! 🙂