My own Thankful Thursday list

Every Thursday for as long as I can remember, Running2Ks aka True Blue Semi-Crunchy Mama writes a blog about the many things in her life she is thankful for and many of her readers follow suit and add their own lists.

I think it’s a wonderful tradition she started and a great way for us all to take pause each Thursday to remember the good things in our lives. 🙂

In addition to adding my list to her blog today, I decided to do it over here as well.

I’m thankful for:
– my amazing, sweet, smart, beautiful daughter who just fell asleep in my lap;
– my hubby who doesn’t complain when he has to take the bus most days, and doesn’t complain when he helps out around the house and who is such a great daddy to our lil sweetie;
– my family who loves and supports me;
– snuggles on the couch between my hubby and baby when it’s so cold outside (or even when it’s not);
– wool socks;
– health;
– having made amends with an old friend;
– good friends – both in the blogging world and in real life;
– pumpkin spice cookies (see recipe below);
– drives to see holiday lights and the “wows” from my daughter that accompany them;
– sales on my cafepress store – i like to see that others in the world support attachment parenting and of course, i am looking forward to receiving my first commission check later this month;
– getting a decent start in the photography business and having friends who are willing to let me practice on them and their children. 🙂

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