A little “catching-update”

I’m bummed that I haven’t had a chance to blog much this week, but I’ve been staying pretty busy and just haven’t had the time.

I’ve been working on a newsletter in Publisher for our attachment parenting group. This one is bigger than the first one I did several months ago, so I’m having to reformat the layout a bit and it’s been time-consuming. I’m hoping to finish the rough draft tonight or tomorrow.

We had a nice weekend. Jody took Ava out to the library and to run errands on Saturday so I could finish up proofing my friend’s maternity pics in peace and quiet. She was very happy with how they turned out. (I’ll post some of my favorites later this week.) Then on Sunday we all went for a drive into the mountains. I took my camera but it was quite cold and windy that day so we didn’t get out of the car except to run into Subway for some lunch.

Our vegetarian eating is going well. Jody’s even decided he can give up cow’s milk and make the switch to soy milk like me and Ava. Though he is still reserving the right to eat meat outside of the house (and I totally respect that), he was proud to report to me that he got his lunch with tofu instead of chicken today. 🙂

I made some awesome hummus (a recipe I got from Harmonia) as part of our dinner tonight. OMG, it’s the best hummus EVER! I told Jody I want to marry it. It’s THAT good. 🙂 I’ll post the recipe here, plus a pic or two, soon. I love that so many of my blogging friends have good, tasty vegetarian recipes for me to choose from! That sure makes it easier. 🙂

I have little news to report on the outrageous gas increase. I tried contacting the greedy bastards Xcel Energy to see if there is anything we can do and they were LESS than helpful. First they gave me the wrong phone number to call. Then they told me that the department I was calling was “very knowledgable” about helping people in my situation, when in fact there was nothing they could do. It’s so frustrating to me. In the meantime, we are replacing our furnace filter every month. ACE makes some 30 day filters that cost $1 each. We put covers over vents in three rooms that don’t really need heating. And we’ve turned down our heat to 67. Though today while we were out I turned it down to 65 and left it that low until about 6 p.m. I’m going to do my best to remember to turn it down whenever we leave the house.

Ava and I went to a play date today with about 10 other AP mommies and kids. It went really well and Ava had fun playing with her friends. Speaking of Ava, she’s taken to walking up and DOWN the stairs unassisted (if she can get away with it). Sure makes for several near heart attacks for mommy and daddy.

Better get back to the newsletter.

I’ll leave you with one of my new favorite pics of Ava. 🙂 I took it this week while working on focus.

10 thoughts on “A little “catching-update””

  1. LOL on your crossed out greedy Excel Bastards…hate dealing with companies that give you the run around. Hope your bill goes down, though.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the linkie! I read your comment and giggled like a little girl…I’m amazed that others are trying the recipes I post since I am not much of a cook! Anyhow, when you post a pic of it – let me know and I will feature your blog on mine.

    I can’t wait until I get my new digital camera! My other one is broken and it’s torture!

    Yeah, I tried to catch up on blogging yesterday but didn’t get to all that much. I will be busy again today but will try and squeeze in as much as I can. It’s just been one of those weeks! LOL

  3. That’s awful about the gas company… it sounds like you’re doing everything you can.

    And Ava walking downstairs — I can understand your stress! It’s tough to let them go and learn on their own.

  4. hey nelly, thanks for stopping by. 🙂

    harmonia – yep, i’ll let you know. ugh, that would be torture not having a camera. hope you can get one soon!

    miriam – yeah, it was going well until last night. who woulda thought i could get food poisoning when i’m not even eating meat anymore??
    hehe, you should see her baby pics. jody used to say she had 10 lb cheeks. 😉

    amy – i still might try calling the gas co. again and seeing if there’s anything else we can do to lower our costs. it is beyond frustrating. i keep putting it off cuz i hate getting the run around and that’s all i’ve gotten from them so far.

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