Happy birthday, Jody – I’m sick AGAIN! :(

So much for a fun birthday for Jody today. I got hit by ANOTHER wave of this evil rotavirus (or whatever it is) bug early this morning. After clinging to the toilet as I hurled the remains of my dinner (why is it always tempeh??), I left him a message on his work voicemail (he was on his way into work via the bus) telling him I was really sick and might need him to come home.
Being the good guy that he is, he got the message and, soon after, caught another bus home, just missing my call saying that I was doing a bit better and that he could stay at work.
Anyway, at least now he doesn’t have to work on his birthday. You might say I did him a favor. 😉
I’m really sick (no pun intended) of this damn virus though. This morning’s bout was the worst yet, and even more unbearable because Ava woke up while I was being sick, wandered into the bathroom crying and calling “mommy” over and over again, and there was little I could do to comfort her since I was spewing my guts. I felt so bad for her. It’s hard to be sick yourself when you have little ones who need you. I really hope she doesn’t catch it again.
In talking with other people who seem to have gone through this same virus, I’ve learned it can recur several times before you are truly done with it. Blah. I hope this is the last of it for me.

Hope you all stay well and free of this nasty bug. Enjoy the weekend!

7 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Jody – I’m sick AGAIN! :(”

  1. Sucks! I really hope you get over this soon. It’s got to be awful. Speedy recovery to you!

    Happy Birthday to your DH. Sounds like you have a good one if he comes home from work to help you out. My ex use to think I was faking, which is part of the reason he’s an ex-husband. 😉

  2. Sounds like you’re a really healthy eater. Sugars can really rile up the ‘ole Rotavirus several days later. We’ve made that mistake before (had a Valentine’s party at Parent’s Day Out and the next day – here we go again!).

    Hope it gets better. We’re all been constantly sick, so I’m seeking out other mommies in my shoes and piling sympathy on them! 🙂

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