Just a quickie

Our visit continues to go well. 🙂 We’ve decided to extend our stay by a day since Jody found out he gets Monday off of work anyway. So we’ll drive over to Wichita tomorrow (Monday), visit with Jody’s sister and family, then get back on the road for a few hours. We’ll stop somewhere along the way for the night, then head the rest of the way home on Tuesday.
It will be much nicer to make the trip home in two days instead of one loooooooong day. 🙂
Hope everyone is staying warm. It’s been so cold here with freezing rain and snow and we’re missing snow and even colder temps back home in CO too. The roads, however, should be fine for the trip home.

3 thoughts on “Just a quickie”

  1. Ooh, I am thinking safe thoughts for you guys during your drive back. I’m glad Ava had fun visiting Jody parents, I bet they can’t believe how much she’s grown and how fun she is to play with. 🙂
    Drive safe!!

  2. Nelly – Thank you. 🙂 We had a nice time and the weather was perfect for the drive home.

    Sonja – Good to hear from you, girlie! Hope you had a nice trip to CA. We’ll have to catch up soon.

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