Some pics from the trip home

OK, I know I’m doing this totally backwards (working on pics from our drive home tonight first), but I’m left-handed and tend to do things a bit differently. I’ve also been known to read magazines backwards.

Honestly, I took a ton of pics on JUST our drive home tonight (Jody was driving – phew!) ;). I filled my memory card and even had to go back and delete some pics so I’d have more room to play. After reading a bit in a couple photography magazines (backwards, of course), I got inspired and decided to play around with exposure using the sunset and then with car headlights. My experimenting produced some neat results.

Here are some of us on the way home and then a couple of my “playing” pics. πŸ™‚ Click the pics to see them larger.

Ava – just waking up after a nap in the car:

Jody – looking so cool while driving:

The plains of Colorado and me – in the sideview mirror (Honestly, that picture is mostly of me – the view is not of anything in particular. I just thought it was cool to catch myself in the mirror.):

The sunset tonight in Colorado (purposely underexposed):

Car and traffic lights at night (long exposure):

9 thoughts on “Some pics from the trip home”

  1. Good photos. Looks like you were having fun. Loved the sunset and Ava with her “Baby”-cute. Looking forward to the whole story.

  2. As always, these are really well done. I love the artistic ones. They are so much fun. But of course my heart goes out to the Ava picture.

    I’m glad your trip went well.
    Isn’t it nice to sleep in your own bed?

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