The things you can do with felt

I bought some blue felt yesterday to try out as a backdrop for future photoshoots, specifically the one I have on Saturday of a 6-month-old girl. Ava was kind enough to indulge me a bit today, so that I could play, I mean, practice. 😉

I think I need to iron it to get out the wrinkles (you can really see them in the first pic) and find a way to get it to hang tighter on my backdrop stand, but I think it will work out pretty nicely and is a relatively inexpensive backdrop.

I was pleased to discover the light in my livingroom was better than I originally thought, so maybe I could do shoots here at my house after all. We’ll see. Oh, and I ran an action on these pics called “colour wow” which I just LOVE. Really makes the colors pop! 🙂

Here’s my lil punkin. Thanks for looking.

I think this one is my new favorite of her. 🙂

10 thoughts on “The things you can do with felt”

  1. Of course your little one is so cute! Everytime I see new pics of her, she makes me smile. 🙂 You really do take some good shots. Is she wearing lipstick, or are her lips that pretty color on their own? If so, I’m jelous!

  2. Tiffiny, Thank you. 🙂 No lipstick. 😉 Someone asked that question about her lips on a photography forum I posted the pic on too. Her lips are naturally very rosy/pink (she’s a lucky girl) and I ran an action on the pics that makes the color stand out more.

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