Holy turnout, Batman!; The ’stache club; and more…

Yesterday was our monthly API meeting. This month’s topic was focused on baby wearing, which is one of the eight AP ideals for infants. Our speaker talked a bit about different techniques for baby wearing; various slings, carriers, wraps and pouches; and safety. Then there was a slew of slings, carriers, wraps and pouches available for everyone to try out and get some hands-on experience. Most folks there seemed to already have a favorite kind that they use/used, but it was good to see the different varieties available.
I, for one, had a NoJo basic ring sling with Ava and never really got the hang of it. It was just so big and bulky. So instead, Ava was held in arms a lot. Then once she was a little older (around 4 months I think) I got a Mei Tei made by a WAHM (work-at-home mom) I knew from a message board and I liked that OK, but didn’t use it a lot because Ava was so heavy by that point. Then I finally got an Ergo carrier and LOVED to use that.
Anyway, the really exciting thing about this meeting was our incredible turnout! There were a total of 22 families there (25 adults because 3 dads came too) and a whole mess of children. This was, by far, our biggest turnout yet. The interest has grown so great in such a short amount of time that the group leaders are going to have to seriously look for a new, bigger place to hold our meetings.

Now moving on to the “‘stache club”…
My husband has created a monster (10 of them really) at his work. He got this grand idea last week to shave off his long beard and grow just a cheesy mustache instead. And not only that, he then recruited at least nine other guys at work to join in the silliness as well (and he tries to get more every day). Ava and I stopped in there after our meeting yesterday for a free lunch and I got to see a few of the participants. One of them walked up to me and said “Your husband made me do this” and pointed to the Paul Sr. (from American Choppers) looking ‘stache on his face. Jody’s has since turned into something resembling Paul Sr.’s mustache as well. I mentioned to one of the guys that I think it’s just a power trip for Jody to see how many guys he can recruit into this silliness, but the guy said it’s a good for “team building.” Guess Jody has him fooled. 😉 The plan is to keep it up for the rest of the month, then everyone is going to get a mug shot taken before they can shave again. Boys will be dorks boys, I guess?? :oP

I apologize for not blogging much lately but I’ve been seriously swamped with the photoshoots I had over the past several weeks. I’m still behind, but hope to catch up this weekend. It will be sooooooooooo nice to have a break this weekend so I can relax a bit. Sure, I will still need to work on proofing my last session, but at least I won’t have to leave the house. 😉

I made another recipe from the Vegetarian Mother’s Cookbook last night and I liked it better than the last one. This one was called Parmesan Eggplant and Zucchini Casserole, which also had tofu and marinara sauce in it and baked mozzerella cheese on top. It was dee-lish. I promise to post pics and recipes from this and the enchiladas soon. I’m bummed though that my other cookbook still hasn’t arrived.

It’s supposed to get up to 85 degrees here today (gah!) and I think Ava and I might head to the park for a bit before it gets too warm. So that’s all for now.

One thought on “Holy turnout, Batman!; The ’stache club; and more…”

  1. Great for the big turn out! 🙂

    Yes, the safety thing is an issue. I was slinging Seren once while cooking, and of course she reached out to touch something. 🙁 I’m such a dork!

    I have a sling now, but she’s awfully heavy to carry on one shoulder. I like the one you show, the Ergo carrier. I wonder if that’s something I should really invest in if she’s almost 40lbs and almost 4. I mean she walks instead of me holding her anymore. Just thinking out loud. 🙂

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