Ugh – taxes!

Here it is April 15 and we still haven’t filed our 2005 income taxes. Maybe I shouldn’t be admitting it on my very public blog, but the good thing is that since “tax day” falls on a Saturday this year, we have until Monday to file. So we aren’t late – yet. What a relief!

Generally we would’ve filed by now, because let’s face it, everybody wants their tax return. But…this year we aren’t getting any money back. In fact, we owe. (Not a lot, but still.) Jody adjusted his withholdings this past year so that we’d get the maximum amount of money in each paycheck so we could afford to actually pay our bills. (Novel concept, I know.) But because of this, the gov’t didn’t get quite enough and we owe a couple hundred bucks.

Anyway, I am thankful for Turbo Tax and the fact that we pretty much have our taxes already done, we just need to give it the old once-over and submit it and send off our hard-earned moolah. Should be pretty easy, so why do we keep putting it off?

4 thoughts on “Ugh – taxes!”

  1. I think just about everybody hates tax day! I love your picture you used in your post! LOL! We filed only a few days ago, so I think most folks put it off til the very end. At least you don’t owe a lot!

  2. well we got the darn thing submitted in time. hooray!
    turns out we owed more to state than we thought though so our total owed was more like $400, which sucks but what can ya do? it could be worse.
    at least it’s done and over with for another year.

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