Vacation all I ever wanted

We’re planning a little vacation to California to coincide with one of Jody’s business trips, two weeks hence! We’ll spend a couple days in the San Jose/Mountain View area while Jody works at Google, then we’re heading to San Francisco to spend a few more days of actual vacation time seeing the sights. 🙂

I’ve never been to San Francisco or California at all, so I’m really looking forward to it.

I just booked our hotel in the heart of downtown San Francisco. It’s definitely not cheap, but then, I figure this is the last vacation we will be taking for a while and we might as well have nice digs. 😉 It’s a four-star hotel, but I did get a discount using Expedia.

The great thing about going along with a business trip is we don’t have to pay for Jody’s airfare, just mine, since Ava still flies free for another month and a half! And the first few nights of our stay will be free since Jody will be working.

I know there are tons and tons of things to do in the area, but if you have been there (or live there) and have any suggestions for us, let me know. 🙂 I think our hotel is right by the Yerba Buena Gardens so that might be fun for Ava. And of course we’ll have to go down to the Fishermen’s Wharf and do the touristy thing of riding the trolley cars.

I’m hoping I’ll be over the first trimester tireds by then. I’ll be 14 weeks. But since we’ll probably have to take a break half-way through our days so Ava can nap, I should be fine either way. 🙂 I do so enjoy my afternoon naps these days.

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  1. I haven’t been there in years but yes Fisherman’s wharf is a must.

    Ghiaradelli (sp?) square is a must too. They have the best chocolate there as well and some fun shops to look at.

    Alcatraz was always a must for me. I loved going there.

  2. Man – send me an email if you want even more ideas! And include the dates you’ll be here. We’ve had to change moving plans – we’re actually moving to Utah instead of Denver, but hopefully we’ll still be here and I can meet you!

  3. Hey, I know! Beckie (sorry for volunteering you Beckie) and I, and our little ones, should all meet up. Like how I invite myself? 🙂 I personally do not find SF super attractive. Fisherman’s Warf is good. Alcatraz is good for adults, but I think Ava would be bored. The park is suppose to be great, but we stopped when it was rainy so we didn’t have much fun. There is a science museum that I’ve been to a few times, I forget what it’s called, but it would be good for kiddos. Um….can’t really think of kid friendly places, but you may also like to walk around Chinatown. Oh, and I’d love to visit Little Italy for the food! 🙂 Hope some of that helps! And keep in mind we’re only a couple hours away. 🙂

  4. Sounds like an opportunity vacation. Those are the best kinds! I had a conference in Arizona I could have gone to with the same situation. I wouldn’t have had to pay for my expenses, just the rest of the family. We were seriously thinking about using it for a family vacation but by the time we got to talking about it, it was too late to register. Have fun!

  5. Hey! You’re heading out my way! You will LOVE San Francisco. 🙂
    The Exploratorium is the name of the Science Museum that was mentioned above.

    If you’re there on a Saturday, check out the Ferry Building at the end of Market Street for the famous Farmer’s Market — or check it out anyway, it’s very beautiful as is any place along the Embarcadero from the Ferry Building to Fisherman’s Wharf to Chrissy Field. Be sure to watch the sea lions while at Fisherman’s Wharf, but hold your nose! There’s also an aquarium there, although I have not been.

    A drive down twisty Lombard Street is fun and if you’re in North Beach (little Italy) check out Coit Tower for some great views.

    Oh, here’s something Ava might like: At the Cliffhouse there is an antique mechanical arcade museum where you put your quarter in and watch the little people or animals dance or perform. She’d either love it or be scared.

    There’s funky shops and cheap eats on Haight Street. A great place for breakfast there is called “All You Knead” — it’s SOOO good and for a good price too, check it out one of your mornings.

    The Mission District is also a lively neighborhood of the Hispanic community. Take BART to the 16th and Mission stop and your out of the tourist mecca and take a walk around and get some good Mexican food while you’re there. Walk a few blocks to Dolores Park where you will get stunning views of the city.

    If you’re in a car and the day is nice, drive up to Twin Peaks (where the big Sutro Tower is) for more spectacular views.

    Mountainview has, well, a cute and quaint downtown area. I had a boyfriend who lived there at one time and there’s not a whole lot to do, but you COULD take a nice walk along the SF Bay if you take Shoreline Blvd EAST and follow it all the way to the end and through the Golf Course area. You’ll find a parking lot at the end and a lake there. There’s lots of birds, ducks and geese and a nice way to spend the day or after Jody’s finished a hard day at work.

    If you have any more questions about SF, please email me!

  6. Isil – Thanks!

    Nelly – Yeah, it’s nice that it’s worked out like this and we won’t have to pay for the whole trip ourselves. That’s a bummer that you didn’t get to take advantage of the AZ trip, but maybe another opportunity will come up for a nice family vacation. 🙂

    Amy – I knew you’d have lots of tips for me! 🙂 Thank you. I will be emailing you too.

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