Rained out :(

I know we desperately need the moisture, but why’d it have to rain again *this* weekend? :oP

We headed out this afternoon so I could take Ava’s pictures (that I’ve been trying to take since last weekend – when it rained) and we got rained out again. The rain also put a damper on our hiking plans and music festival plans. 🙁

More of the same is expected tomorrow.

In light of this setback, I think the thank you notes are going to get mailed without the pics and I will have to send the pics out whenever I am able to get them done. Arg.

The plus side of getting rained out today is that we stopped at Ross (hoping the rain would pass through while we hung out) and I got a couple maternity shirts and another pair of shorts (woohoo – I’m up to two pairs of shorts now!) all for only $25. 🙂 Yay, bargains! And the other good thing about the rain is, of course, that it reduces Colorado’s fire danger. Not as glamorous as new clothes, but still a good thing nonetheless. 😉