Hot and my darn computer

It was another scorcher in CO this weekend. We beat the heat yesterday by going to the public kiddie pool. It was a bit more crowded this weekend than the last time we went, but still fun and refreshing. Ava had a great time and befriended a couple kids around her age – begging potato chips off the little boy’s mom (*gasp* – guess there’s a first time for her to eat everything – wait a minute, my mommy memory fails me! she has had chips before, just not often) and playing catch with a floaty fishy with a little girl. Good times. 🙂

I’d been getting by wearing one of my old “regular” 2 piece bathing suits to the pool, but decided yesterday that it was starting to get a little too snug. So today I found a cute maternity tankini at a consignment shop. It fits much more nicely and I feel more comfortable wearing it out in public. Ava and I are going to a play group this week at the pool at the rec center and we’ll be up in MI visiting the fam and doing lots of swimming there in a couple weeks, so I will get some good use out of it. 🙂

And now onto my damn darn computer. It’s been locking up periodically over the past few weeks, seemingly going in phases. It will be very tempermental for a few days, then fine for a week, then it will start all over again. Well, yesterday it locked up and wouldn’t boot back up last night. So Jody’s been messing with it today, trying to get it to stay on long enough for him to do all the scandisk-maintenancey stuff it needs, but it still kept locking up. So now he’s wiping the hard drive (well, backing it up first) and going to try reinstalling Windows. (I’m on his laptop in the meantime.) Hopefully it will all work, because if it doesn’t, I’m going to be without a computer for the week since the laptop will no longer be accessible to me. Arg. Cross your fingers it works, k? 😉

Anyway, with all of these computer shenanigans, Jody has been talking seriously about just buying me a Macbook (laptop). I haven’t been a Mac person in the past and don’t consider myself one now, but the idea of having a laptop is very appealing to me and I know many “artist-types” love their Macs, so maybe a change would be good for me. After all, that’s what J’s laptop is, so I have some experience with them. He thinks it would be much better for me to use with my photography and all and maybe he’s right. I just tend to resist change (when it’s being suggested upon me). So we’ll see what happens.

Now that it’s cooled off to about 90 degrees outside, I’m going to think about making dinner. Heating up the house just seems like such a crappy idea. Maybe I can find a good way to barbecue tofu (which I think is on the menu tonight since I don’t have any chicken thawed). Hmmm.

UPDATE (7/31/06 6:08 p.m.) – The wiping and reinstalling on my computer last night seem to have helped because it hasn’t locked up since. **major knocking on wood** Thank you, Jody. :o* Hopefully it will last me the week. 🙂 I think getting a Macbook is still in my future, just have to figure out how we can afford it. 😉