Groovy Granola Bars!! (recipe)

A friend gave me this recipe that she found on the ‘net for granola bars. I made them today and they are awesome! Ava likes them, I like them, Jody likes them. 🙂 They are delicious! I have a feeling I’ll be making them often (especially now that I have a bunch of buckwheat and rice flour in my fridge.) 😉

Granola Bars sans Allergies

*Egg Substitute:

1 Rounded Tbsp of Flax Seed Meal (or grind flax seeds in food proc.)

scant 1/3 c Boiling Water

Dry Ingredients:

2 ½ C. Rolled Oats

¼ C. Flax Seeds

¼ C. Buckwheat Flour

¼ C. Rice Flour (white or brown)

½ C. Oat Flour (can grind rolled oats in food processor if you can not find in stores)

2 T. Wheat Germ

1 t. Ground Cinnamon

¼ t. Ground Nutmeg (optional)

¼ t. Ground Ginger (optional)

¼ t. Ground Cloves (optional)

¼ t. Salt

Wet Ingredients:

¼ C. + 2 T. honey

½ C. Agave nectar (you can use white refined sugar in the same amount)

½ C. Canola, vegetable or light olive oil

2 T. Blackstrap molasses

1 T. Vanilla

*1 egg (or use egg substitute at the beginning of the recipe)

Optional: May add ¾ C. of dried fruit and/or ¼ – ½ C. nuts if not allergic.
(I used ½ C. of dried cranberries and ½ C. of chopped almonds.)


– Preheat oven to 350F/175C.

– Thoroughly grease either 3 bread pans or one 9″x13″ large cake pan (I use glass, you may need to adjust temperature up a little if you use metal).

– Prepare Egg Substitute: Boil water. Place flaxseed meal in Pyrex measuring cup, and add boiling water until the mixture measures 1/3 c. Whip with fork or small whisk and set aside. (Can sub one egg if not allergic.)

– In a *large* bowl (this stuff can be messy), mix together the dry ingredients.

– Add wet ingredients and egg substitute (or egg). Mix thoroughly with wooden spoon, fork or hands.

– Divide into three bread pans or place in one large cake pan, and press the bar mixture as flat as possible with rubber spatula or oiled hands.

– Bake 25 minutes for bread pans or 35 minutes for large cake pan (should start to look lightly browned on edges). Cool for 5-10 minutes and cut into 12-14 bars before they are totally cooled to room temperature.


If you are looking for a great granola recipe (no bars), try this one.

16 thoughts on “Groovy Granola Bars!! (recipe)”

  1. Yum! These sound nice! I shall have to see if I’ve got any buckwheat flour still and make them. Muesli bars are so pricey in the shops and I find most of them too cardboard like for my taste. But these do sound like they will be good.

  2. Penny – These bars are awesome – just the right amount of crunchy and chewy. Not like cardboard in the least. 🙂 Let me know if you try the recipe and how you like it.

    Crystal – I think you were trying to ask if you could form them into bars before baking them (but I know you are having trouble w/ blogger letting you leave comments these days). I think it would work fine, but you would probably need to reduce the baking time a bit. Hope you enjoy them. 🙂

  3. Oh my god, the smell must be amazing while they’re baking! Did you eat one while it was still warm and fresh from the oven? As Rachael Ray says: YUMM-O!!!!

  4. Kleo – You’re welcome. Hope you try them and like them. 🙂

    Amy – Yes, the smell was pretty nice. I didn’t eat one *right* out of the oven, but about an hour or so after they’d been out. 🙂

  5. Hey A,
    Just have to say that I modified this a bit so I apologize to the blogger I got the recipe from for tweeking her recipe. 😉 Some of her ingred’s didn’t work for us so I changed it up a bit before I sent it to you.

    Anyway, these bars are great too in that they aren’t hard bars but don’t totally fall apart like a lot of the bars I’ve tried in the past. The variety of flours hold it all together nicely w/ the agave/honey. You could also crumble it up and put it on ice cream. Yummy!!


  6. B – Thanks for clarifying that. 🙂 I wasn’t sure which blog it was from originally so I didn’t know who to credit exactly. I like whatever changes you made though. (I ended up making them w/ the egg and with half agave and half white sugar, and then the fruit and nuts.) And I, too, was happy they weren’t really hard bars nor did they fall apart. They really seem to be the perfect granola bars. 🙂 Oooh, the ice cream idea is a good one.

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