My friend’s father was hit by a car on his way to get a newspaper in Indiana Wednesday morning. He suffered multiple injuries and passed away this (Thursday) morning. 🙁

Thankfully, my friend was able to fly out from CO yesterday evening with her 4-month-old daughter (her almost 2-year-old son and husband stayed behind while he finished up some work) and I so hope she was able to talk to him/say goodbye before he died.

This whole mortality thing is hitting me pretty hard. We think that our parents will be around forever, and when something so sudden and unexpected happens, it certainly can rock our core. It also makes me think about my own mortality and who would take care of my child(ren) in the event that something happened to me and Jody. I know we should have a living will (or something like that), but we have yet to take care of it. Another item for the “things to do” list.

Don’t forget to share your love with your family and friends, and give them an extra hug today if you can.