Potty, undies, bed – oh my!

This past weekend was a big one for Ava. We got her her own bed (off Craigslist) and her first big girl underwear! She hasn’t really started wearing the undies yet, but, in typical girl fashion, had to try on each and every pair when we first got them home. 😉 She has, however, continued to use the potty regularly (when having naked time), and (TMI) I’ve only had to change one poopy diaper in the past 10 days or so because all of the rest has gone into the potty! Yay!!!

Now that the weather is cooling off, I don’t feel as good about her running around with a naked bottom AND legs (though that’s the only way she seems to feel the urge to go to the bathroom so far). So I found these legwarmer-type things for kids called “Baby Legs” – which you can also buy from fellow blogger, Mama C-ta over at Urban Baby Runway. I ordered two pair for Ava and can’t wait for them to get here. In addition to keeping her lil leggies warm, they are so darn cute! 🙂

So Sunday night was Ava’s first in her new bed (which is positioned right next to my and Jody’s bed). She slept in it about 5 hours before waking up upset and climbing into bed with us. Not a bad start. The next night it went even better. She woke up a couple times and wanted to touch me (my hair, my face, whatever she could reach), and one time had to “see baby brother” which just means touch my belly, and then went right back to sleep, staying the whole night in her bed. (Woot!) And last night, she didn’t wake up at all! (Hooray!) I’m glad that the transition has been such an easy one. It’s not that I minded cosleeping in the same bed as her, but we all (me, Jody and Ava) couldn’t sleep together there comfortably, and with baby boy on the way, I just didn’t see how that would work for us. So I feel like we have the best of both worlds now. Jody and I can sleep together comfortably. Ava is still in the same room with us and baby boy can sleep either in bed with us or in the cosleeper (which I think will just barely fit next to the bed on the other side). Wall to wall beds! (Snapped that pic of her while she still slept this morning.)

Seriously though, I wish some bed manufacturer would start making a “family bed” that’s about 2 feet wider than a king. I am not sure how great sales would be, but I know a bunch of folks who would be interested. 😉 I’m sure they could get an endorsement from Dr. Sears too and then they’d sell like hotcakes, no?

She’s going to love me when she’s older, huh? Pics of her in her new undies and sitting on the potty outside all in the same post. I’ll throw in this cute headshot just for good measure. 😉