Don’t forget “The Office”

The season premier is tonight! 🙂
And watch this for a Jim/Pam recap. It’s sure to bring on the goosebumps.
Pam & Jim Moments

Updated at 10:42 p.m. to say it was a pretty good episode. 🙂 I like where they left things with Pam, Roy and Jim. Should make for an interesting season.

3 thoughts on “Don’t forget “The Office””

  1. My favorite show – actually it’s in a tie for first place with “Scrubs.” I thought the premiere was unbelievable tonight – even better than I had anticipated!

  2. I don’t watch much TV…especially series…I DO watch House, tho. I did watch Rockstar:SuperNova, too! Office…I watched it once…that’s with Steve Carell, right!? He’s sooooo funny!

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