It’s the little things

Tonight I am thankful that our upstairs toilet is working again. After two days of it being on the fritz and requiring manually filling the tank in order to get the darn thing to flush, it is so nice to have it fully functional again, especially for a woman who’s 33 1/2 weeks pregnant and peeing several times a night. 😉

Hooray for hubbies who get the honey-dos done – at least the important ones. 😉

We had a nice weekend around here. On Friday, Ava and I had a picnic lunch with my sister at a park, then watched a birth video together. I made a new (to me) crockpot recipe for Chicken Taco Soup for dinner that night. It was pretty tasty and easy.

On Saturday, we went to a baby/kids’ stuff sale in the morning and I got a few fall clothes for Ava and a couple more clothes (bigger sizes) and lots of socks for baby boy. That evening we met up with friends for a fall festival and had a nice time listening to live music and just hanging out. Ava had a blast running all over the place and laughing at her friend Creed’s antics. 🙂

Today Jody and Ava hung out together a lot while I worked on a photoshoot from last weekend. They went to a pond, fed ducks and geese and walked around. I managed to sneak in a relaxing bath while they were gone and listened to my Hypnobirthing cd – something I really need to do more often since this birth is right around the corner!

The kiddo is in bed now and Jody and I are going to try to catch up on the Smallville episode we missed this week. (I taped it while watching My Name Is Earl and The Office.) So nighty-night. 🙂

4 thoughts on “It’s the little things”

  1. Hey, Amy, sounds like you had a great weekend – HOORAY for live music and hanin’ out with Ava – and i’m thrilled the toilet’s working. Yay Jody! Hope you enjoyed the time relaxing… and it’s good to relax and a lot easier to relax when you know the bathroom’s not a problem. Been there, mama!

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