A pic post – Veggies, a belly and a silly girl

The trip to the farm this Saturday was a lot of fun. We, along with about 10 other families from our AP group, rode a hayride around to various spots on the farm where we got to pick a variety of vegetables. I thought we came home with quite a bit ourselves, but one of the other families with us weighed their produce once they got home and they had 125 lbs. worth! The couple gave us all sorts of suggestions for freezing and otherwise storing them so I’m sure most of that will get consumed in their house over the winter. 🙂 (Oh, how I wish I had a chest freezer.)

The day was sunny and quite warm at about 80 degrees (though it cooled off considerably Sunday, and today was only in the 40s and rainy). Unfortunately, I didn’t have my batteries in my camera the right way (doh!) so I didn’t get any pics of the lil miss picking veggies or eating them (tomatoes and carrots) along the way. She had a lot of fun though, as did Jody and I. 🙂

After the veggie-harvesting hayride, we went on a little “train” ride and Ava spent some time bouncing in one of those big bouncy castle things, as well as feeding some animals in a petting zoo.

As for all of our veggies, I made a recipe for Chicken Pumpkin Stew for dinner Sunday night (which used some of the pumpkin, carrots, and potatoes), after I spent much of the day washing, peeling and cutting carrots to be frozen, and washing potatoes to be stored. My fingernails actually turned orange from all the carrots. Sheesh.

I finally took some new belly pics today (at 34 1/2 weeks).
Here they are:

For comparison, here are the belly pics I took at 28 weeks. I really need to do some more shots like those (with the backdrop and all), but I will probably wait until 36 weeks.
And lastly, here is Ava (on 10/4/06) “sleeping” under daddy’s “covers” (i.e. under his shirt – which he is still wearing!). LOL – What a goof, er… a couple of goofs actually. 😉

7 thoughts on “A pic post – Veggies, a belly and a silly girl”

  1. LOL! at Ava’s “bed” – so cute!

    You know – at 34 weeks you look about the same size as me at 28 weeks! Aaargh! You look great though 🙂

    The farm thing sounds like a lot of fun. I am hoping to make it to our local Farmer’s Market on the 1st of next month… I wish it were more frequent but so far they only have one per month. Hopefully I will come away with lots of local produce! 🙂 Gotta plant up my garden too….

  2. Hilarous photos of Ava and Daddy! What a sweetheart.
    Ohhh, keep those belly photos coming. You are a radiant goddess, glowing with birth energy. So lovely!

  3. those last photos are super adorable! congratulations! and visiting the farm sounds like a blast — we have a similar thing here that we look forward to every year. i saw your comment at isil’s & wanted to pop over to say hi! :o)

  4. Yay some belly shots! You look great!!! I also think that every mother goes through what you’re feeling and worrying about, with the second child coming. Have you talked to your own mother about this? My mom was a lifesaver for me. 🙂

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