Things overheard during this pregnancy

Bodily Functions
Said by me:
“I keep getting hiccups in my butt.” (After I kept feeling baby’s hiccups down low – basically in my butt.)

Terms of Endearment
Said by Ava to me:
“What are you doing, belly-butt?” (Her latest petname for me. Nice, eh? :oP)

And lastly, just a funny overheard yesterday morning while we were all still in bed…

Ava (while holding out her hand in front of my face): “Eat it, eat it.”
Me: “What is it??”
Ava: “A crumb.”
Me: “Where did it come from?”
Ava (matter of factly): “My eye.”

4 thoughts on “Things overheard during this pregnancy”

  1. I can’t believe how soon you’ll be having baby boy – I am so excited! That’s so cool that you found a photographer (who does sound perfect). I regret that I only have a few pics (blurry) pics of my homebirth so I can imagine what a treasure they will be.

    Ava is so cute – and funny! I’m glad everything is going so well.

  2. euuuw! Eye-crumbs! LOL!

    Tim calls me darling sometimes – mainly because he hears me calling him that. 😉

    I can totally relate to the butt hiccups. It’s so wierd when I get a kick in that region too!!

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