What’s in a name?

Some of you may know that the first and middle names we’ve chosen for baby boy have the initials “J.E.”
My husband Jody (Eldon), his dad (Jerry Eldon) and his grandpa (Judd Elwood) all have the same initials as well, though each have different names (i.e. no juniors).

At first we weren’t sure if we were going to carry on the tradition because we couldn’t find a “J” name that we both really liked. As time went on, however, we found one that we both agree on, and, after we told it to Ava and she started calling the baby by it (though she calls him “baby brother” the majority of the time), it pretty much stuck. πŸ™‚

Any guesses (both first and middle name)? We told some friends a while back that we were naming him “Jedi” and one of them has been calling him that ever since. πŸ˜‰ Maybe I will have a prize if anyone can successfully guess. πŸ™‚ Though I will not be revealing the name (or winner) until he is born.


Just a heads-up that I will likely be writing about my thoughts/opinions regarding circumcision in the next few days. Since we are having a boy this time around, whether or not to circumcize is something we obviously had to consider (though we both pretty much already knew our son would remain intact). However, I wanted to do some research on it and the things I read and saw only strengthened my decision to leave my son’s penis intact. So I’ll be sharing some of that in the days ahead.

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  1. Keep the guesses coming. πŸ™‚

    If those of you who already guessed could come up with a middle name too, that’d be great. πŸ™‚ I should have said that in my original post. Oops! Off to edit it.

  2. Jared Elwood (since the two newer generations were Eldon, skip back to great grandpa for Elwood — that’s my guess)

    Jason or Justin — I dunno, seems kina preppy sounding for folks like you n Jody.

    My sisters names all start with A. And since I married a man whose name also starts with A (Adissapong is Golf’s real Thai name) we decided on Aidan to continue the A tradition. I was living in Bangkok at that time and had no idea that I’d be hearing every other mother calling her son the same name upon return to the US. I would have named him Andrew or something like that… Anyway. Love the guessing game and look forward to your next blogging post about circumcision. I have some comments just bursting to get out already, since my son too has not been circumcised.

  3. Hi Amy-

    My guess is Joseph / Joe Eldon. I kind of figure since you are doing the same initials, than the middle name may be the same as Jody’s. How fun…you should record all these “guesses” in BB’s baby book- especially if someone gets it right on. Any guesses going on for the day J.E. decides to be born? πŸ™‚

    Heather G.

  4. How about Jesse Edward?
    And circumcision is a personal issue. But since you are kind of crunchy and all I am going to guess that you probably won’t do it. My son didn’t have it done. I didn’t want it. But my husband did. But our son was born premature. So he was too little and they wanted to wait till he was older. By the time he was a little older it was cold and flu season and the doc said wait till the summer. Then she said he would be around a year old and it would be very painful. So I talked my husband into not doing it. Besides, the only reason my husband wanted it done was so our kid would fit in with other kids. My question is how often do boys see other boys naked?

  5. Thanks for all the guesses. πŸ™‚ It’s fun to see what everyone thinks.

    Roy – As for talking about circ, I’m certainly welcome to a male’s POV. I already have Jody’s POV on it, but I’m fine with hearing others.

    BlueGoddess – I agree that it’s a personal issue and I plan on sharing my opinions on it as respectfully as possible, knowing full well they could differ from other’s opinions. I also want to share some of the info I gathered though, in case it could benefit other parents would are on the fence on the issue.

  6. Heather G. – Can you believe I haven’t bought a baby book for BB yet? Gah! I need to do that – SOON!
    I was thinking about taking guesses for BB’s birth date/time, etc., but I don’t want to put the pressure on so to speak, so I’m not asking for guesses at this time.

    Aunt Cster – /smiling and nodding/ :oP

  7. Jake Eldon
    Jock Everard
    Jeremy Elliot
    James Eldon

    Heh – I don’t know πŸ˜‰

    Jules Elmo (LOL! just kidding)

    We are a non-circ household going back a few generations here πŸ˜‰ Think the locker room argument is no longer relevant but can’t remember where I got the numbers from… somewhere I read it. *shrug*
    Can I confess I’ve never personally viewed a circ’d one? Oh I lie – one of the babies at Tim’s daycare is and I saw that once by chance. But a big boy’s one… nope. Not that I have seen a large sample *giggle*

  8. I had decided, if I had a son, to leave his penis intact. As yourself I did a lot of research on the subject. My midwife was very informative and gave me reasons why she was against it. I had already made up my mind to not circumcise by the time I switched to the Birthing Center.

  9. I enjoy reading your blog…PLEASE stay away from the circ. disscussion or this blog is going to get really ugly!! and I’d really hate to see that! I know you said your going to be respectful with it..but remember theres not a lot of people out there who are respectful. *Sighs* ..think about it before you do it..

    Is Jody Circ’ or not? I guess if you can talk about baby boys penis and your choice. I guess you could talk about Jodys too..simple question..dont get all TMI on us.. *Laughs*

  10. I love all of these guesses. In fact, Jody and I were talking about maybe changing what we came up with for his middle name to something that’s been suggested here. πŸ™‚ Not sure if we will or not, but I like all the ideas coming out.

    Anonymous (last poster) – I’m glad to read that you enjoy my blog. πŸ™‚ I appreciate your concern that it could get ugly here if I post about circumcision (and I’m prepared for that as a possibility – it won’t be the first time it’s gotten ugly either if it happens), but it is my blog and my son and my right to write about whatever topic I choose. I hope that everyone can be respectful of each other in their comments. And I hope that everyone can respect my right to share my opinions.

    As for Jody – he is circ’d, just like the majority of men born in the ’70s.

  11. amy… please DO talk about circ! my son is intact, and we are firmly against circ. i think if more people got all the information, it would be great. i know that you can do it in a tasteful manner.

    really, there are alot of myths and misinformation concerning circ.

  12. I love the idea of continuing the tradition of the initials. My husband has the same as his dad, and should we have a boy (in the future, of course, I’m not pregnant!) he will have D.E. as well, kinda limits my name choices (boy was I glad Ellie was a girl, gives me more time to decide on a D name, LOL)but I like the idea πŸ™‚

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