Last big hurrah; midwife appt.; and my scary “duh” moment


I went out with a bunch of mommy friends tonight for what will probably be my last big hurrah (i.e. night out alone) before baby boy arrives. It wasn’t anything fancy – just a get-together at a local pizza place – but it was nice to be out alone, among other women. 🙂

Three of them brought me frozen meals for our family for after baby comes (yay!!), so I have more to add to my stash now.

I don’t think I mentioned it, but we bought a deep freezer a couple weekends ago and I’ve been slowly filling it up. In fact, just this weekend I made a lasagna and chicken & bean enchiladas to freeze.



I had my almost 39 week midwife appointment today (I’ll be 39 wks on 11/9). All continues to go well. She said the baby is measuring right at 39 weeks and feels to be about 7 1/2 lbs at this point. Ava was 8 lbs, 4 oz., so I’m expecting this lil guy to be at least 8 lbs as well. She said his head is down very low, though she can’t tell if he’s engaged without doing an internal exam. We may do one at my next week appointment if he isn’t born before then. Then I can get an idea if I’m dilated at all too. But I don’t see a point in finding that out before I’m nearly 40 weeks since I know lots of women go weeks dilated at 2-3 cm (or more) before baby is born. So no need to get my hopes up that this is happening anytime soon.

I haven’t had anything happen that makes me think labor is imminent at this point, just lots of toning (Braxton-Hicks) contractions. And I’ve been feeling a fair amount of pressure in my uterus when baby boy moves, but that’s because he’s running out of room. I told Jody last night that someone needs to post an eviction notice to him soon. 😉 The fact that I can sometimes feel him above/over my ribs is a bit weird. Like how does the uterus go up that high?? My midwife said that by the time a baby is full-term, the uterus has expanded to 40 times it’s original size. Amazing.



After my midwife appointment today, Ava and I stopped at Walgreen’s to pick up a stethescope for her (Ava). She’s been fascinated by listening to baby brother’s heartbeat (as well as her own, her baby doll’s, and mine) at my midwife appointments for the past several months and I figured it’s about time I pay the $10 and get her a real stethescope of her own.

We went out to the car and I put her in her carseat, then opened up the stethescope box to give it to her to play with. Well, the darn thing needed to be assembled, so I told her I’d do it real quick, shut her door and took it into the front seat with me. I put it together and gave it to her and we were on our way to the Post Office, a few miles away.

We were driving down a side street, when I looked in the rearview mirror to see Ava’s carseat, but no Ava. Confused by what I was seeing, I turned around to see her trying to reach her baby off the seat and I realized – OH MY GOD, I NEVER BUCKLED HER INTO THE CARSEAT! Good lord. In the excitement of opening up and assembling the stethescope, I put her in her seat, but never fastened her in. GAH!!! I immediately pulled over and buckled her in, thanking my lucky stars that nothing had happened in the 2 miles or so we’d driven since Walgreen’s.

That’s something I’ve never done before and I hope I never do again. Scary.

13 thoughts on “Last big hurrah; midwife appt.; and my scary “duh” moment”

  1. oh Amy *hugs* I am sure that was super scarey! Its happened to me at least once with each of my kids! I know that feeling!

    Not much longer now for you and baby boy! I’m so bummed I missed last nights get together, really wanted to go 🙁

  2. That has happened to me! (more times than I care to admit) The scary thing is that now Elle reminds me. Mooooom, you didn’t buckle me in!

    Now THAT’s a huge “duh!” lol

  3. Oh yeah, I’ve forgotten to buckle Seren in at times. I once (NOT pregnant) locked her in the car! Now that was scary! She was only a few months old. Thankfully a lady called AAA for me. Whew! What’s with the pregnant brain anyway? I was such a klutz, and always forgetting things. Anyway, all this to say, it was an honest mistake. 🙂

    I can’t believe you are going to have the baby soon! I’m so excited! I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you until then. (That sounds like I’ve been thinking nothing but bad thoughts or something. Not so.) 🙂

  4. I’ll be thinking of you!

    And, when we were asked to give advice to my cousin, mine was, “You get one ‘free’ one.” One free spill of a drink that turns out not to be hot. One unsupervised toddle UP some steep stairs, etc. (um…just giving RANDOM examples here…ahem). So, you learn right? Then it doesn’t happen again. So that was your free one with Ava. That’s all. You won’t forget again. As for the wee mannie… well, you’ve still got his coming, right?

  5. I did that with my new baby when he was 2 weeks old- after leaving a music class, we drove home (about 2 miles) and I noticed he was all slumped over and when I went to get him, he was not buckled in- I felt like the worse mom, and thank god nothing happened on the way home. Now I always “double check” myself.

    Good tip about the stethescope too-Ryan is really curious about them- he pretends with some beads and a brush he has that he is listening to our hearts. Do you think a real one could hurt their ears though if they put it in too deep?


  6. On one hand, I’m glad that I’m not the only one this has happened to, but on the other hand it’s scary to think that other mommies do it as well. Just goes to show we are all only human.

    Marla – I like your idea of one “free one.” 🙂

    Heather – The stethescope has cover type things on the ear pieces so they can only go in so far. I don’t think there’s a way to cram them in deeper and hurt the child. Ava loves playing with her’s and calls it her “heartbeep.” She wanted to take it to bed the other night. Silly girl.
    Anyway, we got ours at Walgreen’s (for about $10) by the pharmacy. It was hard to find though and two people had to help me see it on the shelf cuz it blended in with everything else.

  7. Wow, I can’t believe you are 39 wks already!!

    Believe me I understand your fear. Amelia fell down the stairs because my husband and I forgot to close the gate. 🙁 I felt like such a horrible mom and luckily everything turned out okay except a slight bump on her forehead.

  8. Yikes about the babyseat! At least you didn’t go very far before you realised what happened. In Thailand they don’t have car seat laws and I had to carry my baby on my lap since we took taxis everywhere and I *HATED* that I had to do that. With the crazy way the taxi drivers manoever their cars and no car seat or seat belts for passengers, I never felt good about travelling with Aidan so we didn’t go out much. I’m so happy to be back in America!

    Due date is approaching. I know you must have said this before, but what is your predicted due date? It will be interesting to see when baby boy actually arrives. Aidan came into the world 4 days earlier than predicted.

  9. Suzy – Yes, it definitely goes by faster the 2nd time around. I hope everything is going well w/ your pregnancy too. 🙂

    Amy – Yikes! I can’t believe they don’t have carseats or seatbelts. That *is* scary. Do they have a lot of injuries, etc., from car accidents?

    Estimated due date is Nov. 16 – one week from today! 🙂

  10. I had a similar situation once. I wasn’t pregnant. But we buckled him into the seat. But the seat wasn’t attached to the car very well. ( we didn’t know that till later). So we are driving along and our son is crying. We can’t figure out why. His whole seat had turned over. We had gone about 2 miles away from the house. Thank god that we had a safe place to pull over immediately and fix his seat. It totally freaked me out.

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