While I wait…

Things I’ve found to do while waiting for baby:

1. Paint my toenails. It had the added bonus of being like a little workout with all of that stretching trying to work around my big belly. 😉

2. Cook, bake and then cook some more. I’ve never had so many frozen casseroles in my freezer in my life.

3. Clean. I keep wondering how many times I’m going to have to clean the bathrooms, sweep the kitchen and vacuum the livingroom before the birth.

4. Enlist Jody’s help in cleaning out the closets. He managed to fill a large garbage bag full of his clothes to donate. Yay! That was long overdue!

5. Read positive, uplifting, amazing birth stories from women on the “Due Date Clubs” on Mothering.com.

6. Drive 20 miles to go out for a healthy dinner at Whole Foods. Yes, I know I said I have been doing lots of cooking, but that’s all getting frozen and then I don’t feel like cooking come dinner time. *shaking head*

7. Spend one-on-one time with my girl.

8. Relish the feelings of having a little one growing and moving inside of me.

9. Retail therapy. Jody got some new jeans (which were desperately needed) and baby boy got a few more “sleep ‘n play” outfits.

10. Walk laps at the mall or go for walks.

11. Go to play groups.

12. Examine my belly for new stretchmarks. (Haven’t gotten any with this pregnancy – knock wood!)

13. Do laundry.

14. Come up with new things to add to my list. 😉

The crazy thing is that I won’t even be 40 weeks until Thursday (11/16) and I’m already antsy about having this baby. It could still be a few more weeks! This pregnancy has flown by until the past few days. Now it seems like each day takes forever! I need to just relax and let it happen when it happens, but it’s easier said than done. **deep breaths**

By the way, Ava just said, “I want baby brother to sit in my lap.” Apparently someone needs to tell her to have some patience too. 😉