No real news to speak of

Thank you for all the well wishes in my post below about being sick. I am doing a lot better. My energy level is still down and I’m dealing with phlegm and stuff, but my condition has greatly improved over what it was on Saturday. Such a relief!

This whole sickness experience has made me appreciate even more how amazing our bodies are. My body knew it was too sick to deal with birthing a baby and the lil guy has stayed in without a fuss. ๐Ÿ™‚ My midwife said today that she’s only known of one ocassion where a mama was really sick and still went into labor, but generally speaking, the body knows how much it can handle and will put off labor until the mama is well enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

So yes, I did see my midwife today and there’s really not much to report. I’m still pregnant. ๐Ÿ˜‰ She did do an internal exam and there have been some changes to my cervix since my appointment last week, but not much. Basically, my cervix is soft (ripe) and I’m dilated to nearly 1 cm – but that’s it. That doesn’t mean I won’t have the baby tomorrow, it’s just where I am today. But all is going well. Other than the cold, I’m still feeling good (full of baby, but good). Everything is checking out just fine with both me and the baby too.

We did talk a bit about our options for the next two weeks (things that could get labor started and natural induction methods). If baby boy isn’t born by Friday (11/24), I will see her again and she will sweep my membranes using a castor oil lubricant and I can use a belly balm (containing blue and black cohosh) a few times that evening. If he’s not here by Monday (11/27), then we can try other things (castor oil cocktail – *gag*). Then we would move on to a biophysical profile (to check baby and the placenta) by mid-week, etc. But she doesn’t think it will come to that and neither do I. I think things are going to start happening some time this week, it’s just a question of when. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My dad’s birthday is Wednesday (11/22) and while it’d be cool for them to share a birthday, I’d really like the lil guy to have a day of his very own. Then, of course, Thanksgiving is Thursday and I’d hate for the midwives to have to spend the holiday here. And then there’s the fact that my sister is really trying to get back to MI this week to spend some time with her boyfriend while she’s on fall break from school, but yet patiently awaiting her nephew’s birth so that she can help out with Ava while I’m in labor. All of this to say that it will happen when the time is right and it’s totally out of our hands.

In the meantime, now that I’m feeling like I’m over the worst of this cold, I will resume activities to help get labor going – i.e. eating spicy foods (Jody bought some “Rooster sauce” tonight to put on our Vietnamese food), walking and (TMI) having sex. Although, I just found this online. Hmmm.

Well, after using the title “No real news to speak of,” I sure did manage to type a whole lot. :oP All of it to say, no baby … yet.

Lastly, for those of you who’ve been following the recent case of breastfeeding in the news, I thought you may be interested in this…
“Nursing mothers and their supporters will be gathering for a call to action nurse-in on Tuesday, November 21, 2006 at 10 AM, local time, at Delta airport counters across the country to protest Delta’s actions against Emily Gillette and her family and to demand rights for breastfeeding mothers and children.”

Read more about nurse-in locations and an exclusive interview with Emily Gillette here.

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  1. I had heard about that same study a few weeks ago and thought it was interesting since you hear so much about sex bringing on labor. FWIW & TMI I was not into sex at all by the end of my pregnancy with C. and I went 39 weeks and 4 days- being my first labor since R. was a scheduled c-section. Anyway though, have fun. hee hee.

  2. I am glad to read that your cold is getting better. You’re probably correct that baby boy knows now is not a good time to come into the world with Mommy not feeling well. I loved the belly pic from your vantage point. You have an outie! Maybe your son is following in your footsteps-you arrived 13 days past your due date.
    Like Mother, Like Son.
    Keep us informed.

  3. I รขโ„ขยฅ rooster sauce!!

    If you felt like cooking any more, you could always try that labor inducing eggplant dish, it didn’t send me into labor but it sure did taste really freakin good. Though… my water did break two days later, so who knows, LOL.

    Hope your getting lots of rest and feeling better, sending lots of good thoughts and positive energy your way!

  4. Glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better, Amy. Sending you lots of easy labor vibes for this week – I can’t wait to hear about his birth!

  5. Glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better, Amy. Sending you lots of easy labor vibes for this week – I can’t wait to hear about his birth!

  6. Glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better, Amy. Sending you lots of easy labor vibes for this week – I can’t wait to hear about his birth!

  7. Thanks for the update! Been wondering about you ’cause my friend who was due the same day as you had her baby last night (Tuesday). Her midwife stripped her membranes on Monday so you might get lucky! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Also – evening primrose oil is s’posed to be good too; orally or internally applied. And massage with clary sage oil I believe.

  8. Amy – I did the evening primrose oil thing for a week before Amelia’s due date and then the night before I was schedule for an induction I decided to try castor oil. Boy did THAT get things moving! However, I will NOT be doign that with this one because i didn’t get any sleep that night from hitting the bathroom and then starting labor at 2am!

    Good luck and hope you get to enjoy Thanksgiving and feel better.

  9. Hi Amy,

    I keep checking in to see whether the little guy has arrived yet! I’m really glad you’re feeling better and hope you continue to improve.

    Take care,
    Katie (starfish422)

  10. Glad you’re feeling better, Amy. Hang in there!

    My son was born on Thanksgiving – the best Thanksgiving I ever had. Maybe your little guy is waiting fo the holiday also!

  11. Ok, that whole thing with Delta Airlines really ticks me off for a two main reasons.

    1. Delta was stupid. They were out of line. Yes, they were. I’m saying that right up front so I can’t be accused of siding with them later. I’m not siding with them, allow me to be clear. Delta acted incorrectly. They owe the woman an apology.

    2. I would have been uncomfortable if someone was breastfeeding without a blanket in the airplane seat right next to me. Those are pretty close quarters. Ok, I’m a prude. I’m old fashioned. I’m not progressive. I’m conservative. Whatever. I would have been uncomfortable. Period. But we all have to live in peace and harmony. What is so terribly wrong with someone (anyone) asking for a new seat assignment? No, now our rights have been trampled and we have to hold a freaking nurse-in. C’mon people. My rights to not see a boob might have been trampled, but do I hold a bottle-in?

    That was a tirade just then. I’ll try to be more clear. I continue to find this issue really irritating mostly because neither side appears to be working towards a compromise. We’re like the freaking house and senate. Nothing gets accomplished that isn’t 100% bi-partisan, so therefore, nothing gets accomplished and both sides keep bitching and moaning. What is so hard about putting a blanket over yourself one time, on an airplane? What is so hard about someone who’s uncomfortable moving seats? Where is the compromise? I am happy to move seats. Moms should be happy to offer something up, too. We all have to give something to get something.

  12. I’m just stalking you, looking for news ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope you are continuing to feel better!

    That article on sex was interesting! I wanted to strangle every helpful (not!) person who asked me if I’d tried sex to get Quinn to come. It gives me no end of pleasure to know that all the sex in the world probably wouldn’t have changed things!

    Take care and I’m thinking of you!

  13. Well it has been a few days since I have checked in on the computer. But I had been following the thing in the news about the woman breastfeeding her child on the plane.

    And to the woman who is a conservative. Some kids can’t nurse with something on their head. Could you eat your meal with a blanket on your head? The woman on the plane said she was being discreet. And if you don’t want to see her nurse, look away.

    As far as the nurse-in. I totally agree. I only wish I would have known about it sooner so that I could have attended. Plus I wish my son was still nursing to make a point.

    But the fact that we have to have a nurse-in when there are already laws in place that make it very legal for us to nurse our children, which is the most natural thing in the world, just seems crazy. But I am so glad that women got organized and did so. If there will be anymore nurse-in’s let me know. I will do my best to attend.

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