These days I’m wishing I could clone myself – especially in the middle of the night when Ava wakes up upset and wants only mommy. It’s happened a few times in the last few nights and, thankfully, I’ve been able to lie in bed with her while she falls back asleep, without Julian needing me (i.e. my boobs). However, I’m sure a time will come when I need to be in two places (i.e. with her AND with Julian) at the same time.

I’m sure having a clone would come in handy during the day too. The real me could spend time with the kids, while my clone tends to housework, making dinner, etc. In my spare time (ha!), I’ll need to figure out how to swing that. 😉

5 thoughts on “Multiplication”

  1. those days when you feel like two arms are not enough will be plenty!! Then there are the days when you feel how full of love both arms are and you couldn’t imagine your life any other way. Tonight was a not enough night for me…both boys needing me badly and neither wanting daddy…those moments are hard. {{{hugs mama}}}

  2. a frined of mine who has given birth to twins about 1.5month ago, says the same thing. She just wants to throw a few of clones of herself in various parts of the house 🙂 Take care

  3. Yes – dunno how I’ll go with that either.

    The thing about clones though – I’d have to genetically modify one of mine so that it LIKED housework otherwise both my clones would be doing other more interesting stuff! lol!

  4. You know, I have no idea how moms who have 10 kids do it! I’m the only one out of all of my friends who has only 1 child. When I hear them all talk I kinda feel guilty that I do only have 1. Anyway, all this to say that I can only imagine how you’re able to do all of this. I’m happy for you that things are going well so far. Hopefully they will for some time. 🙂

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