Dear Mr./Ms. Toy Manufacturer…

Dear Mr./Ms. Toy Manufacturer:

As new toys (specifically those of the battery-operated nature) enter our home this holiday season, I can’t help but wonder a simple little question. Why is it, dear toy manufacturer, that the default volume on said toys must be at decibels significantly louder than any reasonably sane parent would allow in their home? Kids don’t know that after they press the on button, they must immediately turn the volume down. They don’t care about the volume being too high or even notice. It’s the parents – especially those who have younger children that are trying to nap – that must drop everything, frantically run over to the toy and press that little down arrow button repeatedly, trying to get the volume to a level that doesn’t promote hearing loss. It can get rather exhausting.

Please consider redesigning your toys so that when they are turned on, they are at a reasonable volume that one may turn up if one so chooses – not at a volume that makes a parent want to throw the toy out the window. (Did I say that??)

Happy Holidays.

A mom experiencing hearing loss in her right ear


Yes, I may be exaggerating a bit, but c’mon – am I the only one who feels this way? Why are toys designed this way? Why can’t they start out at a low volume? Seriously, it makes so much more sense. The manufacturer should want the parent to like the toy, not want to throw it into the trash compactor. 😉

All right. I’m spent. :oP

Hope your Christmases were merry and no one suffered undue hearing loss. Cheers!