Another winter storm headed our way

We may be getting another 5 to 8 inches (or more) of snow this week on top of what we already have from the last big storm. Eep! Our street still hasn’t been plowed and, because of the storm causing delays, our trash hasn’t been picked up in two weeks now. I just hope this next storm isn’t as big as they think and we can escape with only a couple inches of the white stuff.

And as for the whereabouts of the Christmas cards I ordered back on 12/18 that were supposed to be delivered on 12/21 but weren’t because of the blizzard…well, according to, they were out on a truck scheduled for delivery today but I haven’t seen them yet. (insert whine here) I just want to get the darn things in the mail before New Year’s!

As for my thoughts regarding all of this snow –
We had our white Christmas, now I’m ready for it all to melt so I can take the kids out for walks to the park and stuff. 😉 I guess I’ve been spoiled by our mild, relatively snow-free winters in the past. Call me jaded, but I’m having a bit of cabin-fever here. :oP

7 thoughts on “Another winter storm headed our way”

  1. Hi! Thanks for your email! Just got to see the pics of Julian! Precious! Congrats! It’s good to be back! Can’t wait to read more! I’ve missed ya! I posted today!

  2. You can just pretend that your cards *were* mailed, but have just been sitting in a warehouse due to 2 blizzards…that’s what I’d do! 😉 I feel your whine. We have Christmas gifts for the kids sitting somewhere, not here. The kids have no clue – but Simon had a sort of lame Christmas due to his parents’ procrastination, followed by a blizzard.

    Stay warm and cozy!

  3. Oh, and I would love some snow here – we’ve had none yet, and there’s no cold weather in sight for the next two weeks or more…think you could box upsomeof the stuff and mail it over??? lol

  4. Hope your cards turn up soon – very frustrating!

    We’re waiting on some decent sunshine here… we’ve had gloomy, grey days for most the week. Where has our summer gone!?

  5. I’ve been watching the news about all the bad snow storms Colorado has been having and of course I think about you and your family! How is Jody’s commute to work? Does he have a long way to drive every day?

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