Taking the plunge

I’ve taken the plunge and switched to WordPress! Haven’t had a chance to update my sidebar or play around too much yet, but will eventually. Please update your links to include my new url: http://crunchydomesticgoddess.wordpress.com/

Thanks to those of you who recommended I switch over. It was very easy to transfer everything once I found the import option. 🙂

Edited at 10:15 p.m. to add: I’ve been working on my sidebar (blogroll and links) tonight. I got started on making categories and categorized some of my old posts and will continue to do so as time allows (ha, ha!), but I don’t know that I’ll ever get all 400 old posts categorized.

17 thoughts on “Taking the plunge”

  1. I love your new blog look! Was it difficult to do? The color scheme is very pretty. It’s unfortunate that Blogger’s gonna lose lots of users like you due to that glitch of theirs. So far I’m sticking with it, since they were able to convert me over to the new version…

    BTW, I LOVE the new kiddo pics. So sweet! 😉

  2. Welcome! I actually decided to switch, too, but I haven’t had a chance to import my old blog yet. Probably today if it’s slow at work. 😉 One thing that I really wanted to take advantage of is the visitor tracking thing. Anyway pretty soon I’ll be making the switch like you.

  3. Welcome to WordPress! I think it’s great that you chose the sample template as mine. Isn’t it fun? I experiment every so often with changing mine, too. Some have customizable headers, but unfortunatly this template doesn’t. Glad to see you here!

  4. Thanks, all. I’m liking WordPress so far. It’s definitely not as user-friendly as Blogger was, but after messing around with it for a couple days I’m figuring it all out. It just takes time.

    I really like all the features though – like the categorization and how mousing over links and pics pops them up. Pretty groovy. 🙂

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