I grow big babies

Julian - 2 months old

I took Julian to the doctor for the first time for his 2-month check-up today. I’d been debating about when to take him since he was born at home and hadn’t seen a doctor before (though my midwife examined him at each appointment I had postpartum) and this seemed like a good time to start.

All went well. He’s pretty much perfect and healthy as can be. Since he’s becoming quite the little charmer lately, he flashed a few smiles at the doctor. He is in the 100th percentile for weight and height – 14 lbs., 13 oz., and 25 inches long. Just for comparison, Ava was 15 lbs., 5 oz. and 24 inches long at two months. Yay for mama milk and growing big babies. 😉

I have to wonder about some of the questions the doctors routinely ask though. I realize they are concerned with the wellfare of the baby and I guess some parents don’t think about things like smoke detectors or rear-facing carseats, but it just seems odd that the majority of the questions asked today had to do with safety (“What year was your house built? So there’s no lead-based paint?”), rather than health – though I guess safety begets health, right?

She also gave me her spiel about vaccinations, but said she was fine with delaying/selectively vaxing (which is what we did with Ava starting at 12 months) and to let her know when I was ready to start. Will do.

This evening, after changing Julian’s diaper I was patting at his mouth with a blanket saying “ba-ba-ba-ba” and I swear he let out a little laugh. Ava was chattering away at the time so by way of encouraging her to pipedown a bit, I said, “Ava, I think your brother is laughing!” I tried it again and he let out another laugh. I forgot what a sweet sound those baby laughs are! 🙂 Jody and I tried again tonight after he got home from work, but we couldn’t coax one out. Bummer, but I’m sure it won’t be long before we hear another one.

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