Help – re: feeding expressed breastmilk

OK, here’s the situation…

I have a newborn photoshoot at someone’s home on Sunday. I was planning on having Jody and Julian come along with me in case Julian needed to nurse, while my sister watched Ava at our house. My sister had an emergency come up with her boyfriend who lives out of state and is now going there this weekend, so she can’t watch Ava. I can’t very well have Jody bring both of them and expect to get anything done. Ava will want to be right in the action. LOL. So we were thinking that I could pump some milk and if Julian should need to nurse while I’m away (and it should only be for 2-3 hours max), then Jody could give him a bottle. The problem is, he’s never had a bottle before. We never did bottles with Ava either so we’re feeling a bit clueless.

I pumped some milk today so that Jody could give it a try tonight and Julian would have none of it. Who can blame him? That plastic nipple looks and feels nothing like the real thing. He wouldn’t close his mouth around it and just kept protesting until I fed him. I admit I caved pretty quickly because it was too sad to see him wanting the real deal and knowing I had the goods right there to offer.

I’ve heard there’s a window for introducing a bottle to a baby and I’m pretty sure we are well past it now that he’s 3 months old.

Does anyone have any suggestions on things we could try between now and Sunday in hopes of getting him to take a bottle? I am pretty sure he will be fine and not even need to nurse while I’m gone, but I’d hate to have him get hungry and Jody not have a way to feed him and me have to leave the photoshoot to race home. The nice thing is it’s less than 2 miles away so I could get home quickly, but it’s not very professional to have to walk out in the middle of a shoot. I’m sure they would understand, but still.

So anyway, I need help. What do you all suggest? Thanks in advance!


We interrupt the latest boob/breastmilk coverage to bring you this breaking news story…

Julian rolled over (from tummy to back) about five times today! 🙂

But, but, but…wasn’t he just born yesterday? How can it be that he’s already old enough to roll over?! (He’s 3 months, and 4 days old.)

It happened while Jody was at work today so he’s yet to see the little man in action. We tried for a reenactment this evening, but he didn’t feel like entertaining us. He did, however, manage to scoot himself backwards several inches. I’m so not ready for him to start on the path to mobility.

I snapped some pics during one of the rollovers this afternoon. Like how he never breaks eye-contact with the camera? Yep, I got this one trained early. 😉

Julian rolling - 1Julian rolling - 2Julian rolling - 3Julian rolling - 4

Also, I decided to weigh the kiddo tonight (by holding him with me on the scale). He’s between 16 and 17 lbs. Up about 2 pounds since his two month check-up on Jan. 26. Keep on growin’ lil dude.

Biohazardous boobs, baby

If you missed the original post about an Ohio daycare center charging a breastfeeding mom an extra $50/week breast milk surcharge and labeling the milk “biohazard,” please get up to speed here or to directly to Breastfeeding 123 for the whole story.

In actuality, “the Centers for Disease Control does not consider breast milk a hazardous bodily fluid and breast milk thus does not require any special handling, protection or storage by the daycare provider. Breast-fed babies are sick less often and less severely, translating into fewer illnesses spreading to the other children and the daycare staff.”

So why is this daycare freaking out and implementing an extra charge? At this time, I believe they have yet to comment.

Jennifer of The Lactivist is trying to gain national coverage for the story. If you or anyone you know has been discriminated against by a daycare because you were breastfeeding, please contact her.

And now, to lighten the mood…
I had to LOL at my bloggin’ friend Penny when she posted this picture of herself (on a msg board) showing off her biohazardous boobs and biohazardous material container (i.e. her baby – isn’t she a doll?).

Penny’s biohazardous boobs Penny’s baby

Here’s my take on it.
Biohazardous Amy

And I decided Julian’s shirt needed rewording.
From this:
Boob man
To this:
Biohazard man

And, oh my gosh, he’s leaking biohazardous liquid all over his shirt!
Considering all of the biohazardous material these babes consume, they sure are growing cute and chunky.

Others joining in on the toxic fun…

Beware the bioharzardous Nora (Eva’s baby)!
Biohazardous Nora

Want to show off your “biohazardous” boobs or babe? Email me your pics and blog url and I’ll put them up here.

Since we’re on the subject, here’s an interesting article about breastfed babies on WebMD – Breastfed Kids Become Social Climbers British Study: Breastfed Babies 41% More Likely to Be Social, Educated Adults

Daycare charges more for breastfed babies

And here I thought the MySpace thing was bad. Get a load of this!

“There’s a mother named Robin Neorr here in the Columbus area. After her daughter was born late last year and she went back to work, she enrolled her daughter in one of the City Kids Daycare in downtown Columbus.

Robin was told that she would need to pay an extra $50 per WEEK because her 3 month old daughter is breastfed. You read that right, an extra $50 a week to feed that little girl the best food available for her.”

Read the whole article here at The Lactivist Breastfeeding Blog: City Kids DayCare Chain Charges Mom MORE Money to Watch Breastfed Infant

Like it’s not hard enough for a mom to go back to work and pump throughout the day. Now she has to deal with opposition and discrimination from her child care provider. What is wrong with this world? We need to support mothers, not make life harder for them.

If you disagree with the daycare center’s policy, please send an email – – (I just sent mine including a link to 101 Reasons to Breastfeed Your Child) or call City Kids DayCare – (614) 464-1411, or (614)777-4320 – and pass this along to get the word out. Thanks!

MySpace bans breastfeeding image

Thanks to HappyMum on Maya’s Mom for bringing this to my attention. has removed a picture of a nursing baby (see below) from a Tacoma, Washington woman’s page because it “violates MySpace policies against nudity and sexually suggestive images.” Myspace also threatened to delete her page if she continues to post the picture. (!!!)

Here’s the photo:

MySpace banned breastfeeding picture
Here’s the story: or

Here’s the online petition to sign in response:

I think the people at MySpace could find better things to do with their time, like remove actual pornographic pictures maybe. Oy.

Healthy fast food?

I recently came across this Rocky Mountain News article about a restaurant called “V.G. Burgers” on Kleo’s blog and I said, “Hey! We just ate there on Friday!”

V.G. Burgers is a new fast food restaurant in Boulder, CO, with an entirely vegetarian and almost entirely organic menu. In fact, 90% or more of the food is vegan.

I have a few friends (both vegan and not) who’ve eaten there lately and liked it, so when we found ourselves in Boulder Friday night, I said we should give it a try. Ava got the classic burger, Jody got the sunflower burger and I tried the falafel/hummus burger, all with (baked) fries. The food was good, though I wish we would’ve added something like guac or salsa to our burgers, because they were a bit on the dry side. The shakes, however, were delicious. We tried three different varieties – soymilk vanilla, hemp chocolate and chocolate peanut butter – and shared them between the three of us. The chocolate peanut butter was our favorite. 🙂

It was nice to find a fast food place with healthy (and vegetarian) food. Oh, and most, if not all, of their utensils, cups, plates, etc. are biodegradable (made from potato!). I hope the idea catches on elsewhere.

Help with WordPress

Anyone know why I would suddenly stop receiving email notification when I get a comment? I have the box checked to email me whenever someone leaves a comment, but a couple days ago I stopped getting emails even though I’ve received new comments. Ideas? I’ve tried looking it up on the WordPress site, but didn’t get anywhere.


By the way, with the weather being somewhat nice lately (though snow is expected tomorrow – bah!), we’ve gone to the park the past three days. I haven’t been spending much time on the computer, so no new posts of any relevance.

We’re going to go play a friend’s house this afternoon, then pick Jody up from work and maybe go out to dinner. Then tomorrow we’ve got a 3-year-old’s birthday party to attend at a place called “BounceTown.”  Should be a good time for Ava. 🙂

Look, ma – no hands!

Hands-free nursing while walking. Sounds like some sort of acrobatic act you might expect to see at the circus, no?

They (the folks at Moby Wrap, that is) said it could be done, but I had yet to attempt it myself until yesterday.

With the weather finally warming up a bit and the snow melting, the kids and I went out for a walk yesterday. I honestly don’t pay much attention to the clock when it comes to nursing Julian – I practice “on-demand feeding.” So when Ava said she wanted to go for a walk, I thought it *might* be getting close to the time that he’d be hungry again, but I wasn’t sure. I figured we’d play it by ear. So I plopped him into the Moby, Ava and I got our coats on (Julian fits inside mine while in the Moby), and off we went.

It didn’t take long for him to start crying and I knew I either needed to plop down on the cold sidewalk and feed him, go home and feed him or figure out a way to nurse him while in the Moby. It took a bit of crazy maneuvering on my part, but I finally nudged him low enough so I could hoist my boob up into his mouth. He was happy to be fed, I was geeked that I did it, and Ava was delighted to get to continue playing outside. Success!

I didn’t actually follow the tips they give on the Moby site for nursing in the wrap, which may have worked a bit better. I just loosened the wrap so I could scoot Julian down on my chest a bit lower. It worked just fine, though I’m sure it looked a bit odd while I was getting him situated. 😉

We passed a few folks on our walk and even stopped to talk with a man who had a very friendly golden retriever named Kody and no one was the wiser that the bundle zipped up inside my coat was happily blissed out on mama’s milk. 🙂