Pregnant in America

Have you heard about this new movie – Pregnant in America?

Pregnant in America examines the betrayal of humanity’s greatest gift–birth–by the greed of U.S. corporations. Hospitals, insurance companies and other members of the healthcare industry have all pushed aside the best care of our infants and mothers to play the power game of raking in huge profits.

His wife pregnant, first-time filmmaker Steve Buonaugurio sets out to create a film that will expose the underside of the U.S. childbirth industry and help end its neglectful exploitation of pregnancy and birth.

Pregnant in America is the controversial story of life’s greatest miracle in the hands of a nation’s most powerful interests.

You can view the trailer at the link above.

All I have to say is Wow – it’s about damn time someone made a movie about this. It definitely has the potential to be a real eye-opener in this country.