My best shot Monday 2/19/07

In an effort to keep learning and bettering myself (photographically-speaking), I started reading the Picture This blog (of Tracey – another Maya’s Mom connection), and am going to try to participate in her “My Best Shot Monday” post each week.

The jist of it is you post your best shot or shots (on your blog or wherever) from the previous week, then let her know about it by leaving a comment on her blog. I’m hoping that by forcing myself to put some of my pictures “out there,” it will challenge me and help me grow as a photographer.

Without further ado, here’s my best shot from this past week:

Julian at nearly 3 months old

Julian - 2/18/07

ISO 400, f2.5, 1/125

Constructive criticism always welcome. 🙂

13 thoughts on “My best shot Monday 2/19/07”

  1. That’s good head control for the age!

    Babies’ heads are so big, they’re easy to cut off in pictures. My husband always criticizes me when I cut off part of the big noggin, but I like that you’re focusing on his face here.

  2. Oh my God how adorable! I like the contrast of the photo and also how foxymom pointed out the focused areas and unfocused areas. I like how you seem to now be zoning in and cropping with your photography, rather than capturing the entire subject – we really get to see Julian’s eyes and the detail of that drool droplet, which wouldn’t have the same impact were the whole baby in the picture. Great job!

  3. Great shot and lovely photo!

    Here is some advice from senior photographer – Focus on eyes as much as possible with kids. capture eyes predominantly in photo to get best photos with kids. since it is difficult to get them aligned with camera. Best is to get their attention on camera. Nice to know your interest in photography and obviously you have a good eye and talent for it.

    Good luck!

  4. Adorable shot! You got some good CC already, with the eyes (both of them) always need to be in focus. It is hard to tell on the web since I have noticed that pictures don’t appear as sharp when posting them online. There are a few hot spots on the left shoulder and head, but all in all, I like your composition and super cute subject. 🙂

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