Look, ma – no hands!

Hands-free nursing while walking. Sounds like some sort of acrobatic act you might expect to see at the circus, no?

They (the folks at Moby Wrap, that is) said it could be done, but I had yet to attempt it myself until yesterday.

With the weather finally warming up a bit and the snow melting, the kids and I went out for a walk yesterday. I honestly don’t pay much attention to the clock when it comes to nursing Julian – I practice “on-demand feeding.” So when Ava said she wanted to go for a walk, I thought it *might* be getting close to the time that he’d be hungry again, but I wasn’t sure. I figured we’d play it by ear. So I plopped him into the Moby, Ava and I got our coats on (Julian fits inside mine while in the Moby), and off we went.

It didn’t take long for him to start crying and I knew I either needed to plop down on the cold sidewalk and feed him, go home and feed him or figure out a way to nurse him while in the Moby. It took a bit of crazy maneuvering on my part, but I finally nudged him low enough so I could hoist my boob up into his mouth. He was happy to be fed, I was geeked that I did it, and Ava was delighted to get to continue playing outside. Success!

I didn’t actually follow the tips they give on the Moby site for nursing in the wrap, which may have worked a bit better. I just loosened the wrap so I could scoot Julian down on my chest a bit lower. It worked just fine, though I’m sure it looked a bit odd while I was getting him situated. 😉

We passed a few folks on our walk and even stopped to talk with a man who had a very friendly golden retriever named Kody and no one was the wiser that the bundle zipped up inside my coat was happily blissed out on mama’s milk. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Look, ma – no hands!”

  1. I remember reading you were supposed to be able to do that with the Bjorn, but can’t remember if I even tried, much less succeeded. I did nurse while walking, but not hands-free. Congrats 🙂

  2. The first time I managed the task was at about 4am when my son was still pretty small. I was getting stir crazy sitting still all night, so I cinched up my robe and dropped him inside and he nursed while I sorted the recycling for it’s 7am pickup.

    The next time was during the black out of summer 2003 when the entire Eastern seaboard was out of power. I wandered around our pitch black neighbourhood nursing in a sling.

    Finally, my final triumph was figuring out how to nurse the little guy, nearly a year old, while upright in an Asian Baby Carrier. I remember chatting away with a buddy who was sitting off an inning. He looked into the carrier and asked if Kieran was sleeping before suddenly realising exactly what was going on!

    The hands-free part of carrying a child is beyond wonderful for a mum who doesn’t want to go batty. But hands-free nursing truly rocks!

  3. I just got a Moby too, haven’t attempted to nurse in it, but it sure came in handy when we all had the flu and Jack-Jack would not be put down. I just wrapped him up warm and snug, and was able to care for Danielle, and myself, and keep him happy too (till he puked in it) It washes up nicely though 😉

  4. It is always so impressive to me that babies and mommies can do this. I mean, it takes me all these pillows and hands and things to try to nurse and most of the time it doesn’t happen anyway. Babies who can latch on seem sooo skilled. Have fun!

  5. I can’t wait to try this with the new babe! My friend MB and her daughter S are expert hands-free nursers in the wraps and slings…
    BTW, Hathor the Cow Goddess has had many comics recently on slinging and baby carrying. They are great!

  6. congrats! i was able to do this once when she was tinier in the pouch… just a couple weeks after she had been born, and it was so nice to actually get buy some groceries…. something i couldnt even do at the end of my pregnacny! now, my boobs are too big and she is too big to maneuver in to nursing in the pouch…. maybe ill just get a bigger pouch! 🙂

  7. I never could do it and felt chained to the house at times. In Bangkok hubby and I would go to the shopping malls sometimes to get out but still be in some air con. One of the department stores had a nursing and baby room with private compartments you could sit in and nurse your baby. What a nice thing to have, esp. in a country where breastfeeding is rare.

  8. I nursed in the Moby once. It wasn’t pretty nor easy for me. I never mastered nursing and babywearing. My boobs never seemed to be in the right place at the right time!

  9. Yay! Excellent accomplishment. I remember being so pleased to get that going in the sling. Penny, I hear you on the slippage, though.

    And as for nursing in the bjorn, show me the woman who can do that & I’ll show you a woman with breasts coming out of her neck. 🙂

  10. I was also wondering this. I have a hug-a-bub sling, just like moby but I havent tried it yet. I love slings, right now I am at the library with the lil one sleeping in it.I will go home and practise breastfeeding in it.

  11. I can nurse in our pouch – it’s the only one I have but absolutely love it b/c I can put her in it easily anywhere w/ her in my lap. can you do that w a moby? is it difficult to get on & off?

  12. thanks all. i was pretty proud of myself. 🙂 of course, the following day i tried it again and couldn’t get it right. oh well. ya win some, ya lose some.

    nice to see some new names/faces commenting here too! welcome all! 🙂

    heather – the moby is a bit tricky to put on, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy. however, you definitely have to stand up when you do it because you are wrapping the fabric and tucking it in all over. now that i’ve done it several times, i can put it on quite quickly.

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