Daycare charges more for breastfed babies

And here I thought the MySpace thing was bad. Get a load of this!

“There’s a mother named Robin Neorr here in the Columbus area. After her daughter was born late last year and she went back to work, she enrolled her daughter in one of the City Kids Daycare in downtown Columbus.

Robin was told that she would need to pay an extra $50 per WEEK because her 3 month old daughter is breastfed. You read that right, an extra $50 a week to feed that little girl the best food available for her.”

Read the whole article here at The Lactivist Breastfeeding Blog: City Kids DayCare Chain Charges Mom MORE Money to Watch Breastfed Infant

Like it’s not hard enough for a mom to go back to work and pump throughout the day. Now she has to deal with opposition and discrimination from her child care provider. What is wrong with this world? We need to support mothers, not make life harder for them.

If you disagree with the daycare center’s policy, please send an email – – (I just sent mine including a link to 101 Reasons to Breastfeed Your Child) or call City Kids DayCare – (614) 464-1411, or (614)777-4320 – and pass this along to get the word out. Thanks!

9 thoughts on “Daycare charges more for breastfed babies”

  1. That’s so annoying. I mean, feeding expressed human milk may have different considerations than feeding formula, but it’s not HARD. There’s no reason to charge extra for it. People are stupid.

  2. As a daycare provider, I have to comment on this. I don’t have time to read the whole story right now, but I can understand why they would charge more. I personally don’t, but I do have to say that I’ve had a harder time with breastfed babies than formula fed ones. If they’ve only been nursing since birth and come to me at 6 weeks with no bottle experience, it’s horrible! The baby doesn’t understand, therefore gets very frustrated, cries, refuses the bottle, it’s a huge mess and very hard on both the baby and provider! I tell all my nursing moms that their infant MUST have prior experience with a bottle and be able to take one well before they can start daycare with me. It’s not fair to the baby or to me.

    I also have to admit that I’m not fond of keeping someone else’s bodily fluids in my fridge and kitchen. I do, but that doesn’t mean I like it. I sure don’t want it to get on or in my personal food items. It’s not that I think it’s gross, it’s that I don’t know these women’s medical histories! It’s still a bodily fluid and things are passed through it.

    And it does take longer and more effort to heat breastmilk up. Can’t use the microwave. And getting frozen breastmilk is a pain… you have to wait for it to thaw or put it in warm water to hurry the thawing process… it can be time consuming and when you have a little one who is ready to eat now, that can sometimes get a little crazy.

    I personally can understand why they would charge more. It does take more time and effort to feed a breastfed baby. I agree it should be a mother’s choice, but you also have to understand that if that’s your choice, you should be willing to pay the extra cost. If you’re eating organic foods, you pay a lot more, so I guess you could just think of it that way. You have to ask yourself if it is worth the extra money.

    Just wanting to share my views as a daycare provider.

  3. I know that putting a nursing child into daycare is tough. My kids both fought the bottle at first, and my little stubborn girl didn’t take one from them for 4.5 weeks! I was going to the center over lunch to nurse her for an hour everyday before she gave in.

    With that said, my daycare was great with handling my kids and my expressed milk. Yes, I know they were a pain sometimes, but you know what, some of the formula fed kids weren’t a bed of roses either. They all had their quirks. I always had the milk ready to go in the bottles. None of the breast milk OR formula was microwaved (which I don’t think you are supposed to microwave formula, either), so it wasn’t any extra work for them.

    This is just ridiculous that a daycare should do that.

  4. Okay – so breastmilk could be a little more trouble to prepare for use if you’re not organised. But why should a parent be financially penalised/discriminated against for choosing to supply it rather than formula.

    Is a parent of a child who has allergies to eggs/peanuts/dairy/whatever charged extra because of the extra effort & thought needed to prepare allergy friendly food?

    Certainly a child should be bottle-friendly if they are going into daycare… that’s just sensible.

    As for being a bio-hazard – it should be a simple procedure to create a policy for a daycare that states that breast milk will not be taken from parents who are HIV+, have hepatitis B, herpes simplex or any virulently infectious disease that is passed on through breast milk. In such cases, formula could be supplied for the day to day care of that child. Apart from the above diseases I cannot think of any other reason breast milk should be classed as bio-hazard. If it were, I would have to paste some bio-hazard stickers on my boobs…

  5. tonja – i appreciate you sharing your perspective on this, as a daycare provider.

    i agree with you that a mom should have her baby accustomed to taking a bottle before putting him/her in daycare. it shouldn’t be up to the daycare to teach the baby to drink from a bottle. i can only imagine how hard that would be if the baby was screaming and won’t take a bottle and there isn’t anything you can do. 🙁

    but that wasn’t even one of the reasons the ohio daycare cited for implementing the breastmilk surcharge. it honestly sounds more like ignorance than anything else to me. and from the list of compliance issues this particular daycare has with the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services – they listed here – -, it doesn’t sound like the kind of place anyone should be leaving their child – regardless of if they are breastfed or formula fed.

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