Biohazardous boobs, baby

If you missed the original post about an Ohio daycare center charging a breastfeeding mom an extra $50/week breast milk surcharge and labeling the milk “biohazard,” please get up to speed here or to directly to Breastfeeding 123 for the whole story.

In actuality, “the Centers for Disease Control does not consider breast milk a hazardous bodily fluid and breast milk thus does not require any special handling, protection or storage by the daycare provider. Breast-fed babies are sick less often and less severely, translating into fewer illnesses spreading to the other children and the daycare staff.”

So why is this daycare freaking out and implementing an extra charge? At this time, I believe they have yet to comment.

Jennifer of The Lactivist is trying to gain national coverage for the story. If you or anyone you know has been discriminated against by a daycare because you were breastfeeding, please contact her.

And now, to lighten the mood…
I had to LOL at my bloggin’ friend Penny when she posted this picture of herself (on a msg board) showing off her biohazardous boobs and biohazardous material container (i.e. her baby – isn’t she a doll?).

Penny’s biohazardous boobs Penny’s baby

Here’s my take on it.
Biohazardous Amy

And I decided Julian’s shirt needed rewording.
From this:
Boob man
To this:
Biohazard man

And, oh my gosh, he’s leaking biohazardous liquid all over his shirt!
Considering all of the biohazardous material these babes consume, they sure are growing cute and chunky.

Others joining in on the toxic fun…

Beware the bioharzardous Nora (Eva’s baby)!
Biohazardous Nora

Want to show off your “biohazardous” boobs or babe? Email me your pics and blog url and I’ll put them up here.

Since we’re on the subject, here’s an interesting article about breastfed babies on WebMD – Breastfed Kids Become Social Climbers British Study: Breastfed Babies 41% More Likely to Be Social, Educated Adults

9 thoughts on “Biohazardous boobs, baby”

  1. that is the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard.. breastmilk is a biohazard! i would be ever so THRILLED if i had a daycare kid who was breastfed, and the mother took the time to pump!

    ps. my kids must be positively radioactive by now.. and after 5 years of producing a biohazardous material, i’m surprised that my skin hasn’t melted off…

  2. I guess I should be thankful that my milkies are all dried up! To think I was so concerned with what I cleaned my house with when I should’ve been concerned with my biohazard boobs!

  3. Oh my gosh, all I can do is shake my head in bewilderment. Some people are crazy. It makes me grateful, again, that I got to stay at home with Aidan and still do for the time being, and not have to deal with daycare providers and their “issues”. Just having to pump several times a day and being away from your baby while maintaining a breastfeeding relationship is extremely difficult, but to have a care provider with a problem about it makes a hard job nearly impossible.

    The photos are just hilarious-I adore Penny’s facial expression the most. All these precious babies featured are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute I want to snuzzle each one!

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