We interrupt the latest boob/breastmilk coverage to bring you this breaking news story…

Julian rolled over (from tummy to back) about five times today! 🙂

But, but, but…wasn’t he just born yesterday? How can it be that he’s already old enough to roll over?! (He’s 3 months, and 4 days old.)

It happened while Jody was at work today so he’s yet to see the little man in action. We tried for a reenactment this evening, but he didn’t feel like entertaining us. He did, however, manage to scoot himself backwards several inches. I’m so not ready for him to start on the path to mobility.

I snapped some pics during one of the rollovers this afternoon. Like how he never breaks eye-contact with the camera? Yep, I got this one trained early. 😉

Julian rolling - 1Julian rolling - 2Julian rolling - 3Julian rolling - 4

Also, I decided to weigh the kiddo tonight (by holding him with me on the scale). He’s between 16 and 17 lbs. Up about 2 pounds since his two month check-up on Jan. 26. Keep on growin’ lil dude.

12 thoughts on “Roly-poly”

  1. I do love the way he maintains eye contact. Such focus and concentration! These pics are at least the next best thing to show Jody, as it clearly shows his movement. What a big, big boy he’s gettin’ ta be!

  2. Wow – he’s really moving and he’s so cute! My little pudge was 9.5 lbs at birth, 17 at 3 months, and 23 lbs today (7 months). He was a lot slower with rolling and holding his head, because of his extra weight and laissez-faire approach to life. Don’t you just LOVE the rolls? They photograph SO well.

    I’ve really enjoyed stumbling upon your blog – you take lovely photos and have a great approach to parenting!

  3. love the action shots!! how cute! Maya has rolled on occasion but 5 times – wow! GO boy go!! where is the time going?! I’m not ready for them to grow up either! I think she is working on “talking” now…she likes to hear herself. I think we may be in a growth spurt – here she is yet again to nurse!

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