Help – re: feeding expressed breastmilk

OK, here’s the situation…

I have a newborn photoshoot at someone’s home on Sunday. I was planning on having Jody and Julian come along with me in case Julian needed to nurse, while my sister watched Ava at our house. My sister had an emergency come up with her boyfriend who lives out of state and is now going there this weekend, so she can’t watch Ava. I can’t very well have Jody bring both of them and expect to get anything done. Ava will want to be right in the action. LOL. So we were thinking that I could pump some milk and if Julian should need to nurse while I’m away (and it should only be for 2-3 hours max), then Jody could give him a bottle. The problem is, he’s never had a bottle before. We never did bottles with Ava either so we’re feeling a bit clueless.

I pumped some milk today so that Jody could give it a try tonight and Julian would have none of it. Who can blame him? That plastic nipple looks and feels nothing like the real thing. He wouldn’t close his mouth around it and just kept protesting until I fed him. I admit I caved pretty quickly because it was too sad to see him wanting the real deal and knowing I had the goods right there to offer.

I’ve heard there’s a window for introducing a bottle to a baby and I’m pretty sure we are well past it now that he’s 3 months old.

Does anyone have any suggestions on things we could try between now and Sunday in hopes of getting him to take a bottle? I am pretty sure he will be fine and not even need to nurse while I’m gone, but I’d hate to have him get hungry and Jody not have a way to feed him and me have to leave the photoshoot to race home. The nice thing is it’s less than 2 miles away so I could get home quickly, but it’s not very professional to have to walk out in the middle of a shoot. I’m sure they would understand, but still.

So anyway, I need help. What do you all suggest? Thanks in advance!