Kidisms from Ava

And now for a little light reading…

Feb. 2007:
Ava called “Rooster” from the movie Annie, “chicken.”

The day before, Julian was “talking” and I told Ava he was “finding his voice.” So the next day when he was squealing, Ava said, “Is he finding his voicemail?”

Me: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Ava (pausing to think): “A pumpkin!”

Discussing whether or not Ava was going to go to the store with daddy.
Me: “Do you want to go with daddy?”
Ava: “No”
Me: “OK, then daddy will just go by himself.”
Ava: “No, he will get lost in the woods.”

Me: “What do you want for lunch, Ava?”
Ava: “Egg cake.”
Translation – Quiche

Ava took off Julian’s socks and was picking at his toes.
Me: “What are you doing, Ava?”
Ava: “Getting the crap out of his toes.”

8 thoughts on “Kidisms from Ava”

  1. It’s so great you’re recording those. I love to go through my dad’s notes to see the silly things I said. 🙂 He used to put little notes on the fridge with stuff I said and we would read them periodically. I LOVED it and felt so important and clever!

  2. What a brain that child has! She’s always thinking.
    Loved the crap comment. Wonder where she picked up that word. Instead of “punkin” or “pooka”, you guys better start calling her Doctor or Judge for her endearing nickname don’t you think?

  3. when kaeden was a toddler, he would beg me to bring “boobie wuffins to play poop” aka bring Blueberry Muffins to Play group! LOL

    ellia also says things like “extra-cise” instead of exercise LOL

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