the dolphin massacre in japan

I urge you to take a couple of minutes to visit Christina’s blog and watch a video about the senseless and cruel slaughtering of dolphins in Japan narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. (Please make sure your small children are not around when you watch it. It is gruesome and was very difficult to watch. I ended up in tears.) After you watch the video, please take 5 seconds to sign the online petition (below the video or here) to the Prime Minister of Japan urging him to stop the killings.

Please pass this along. Perhaps our combined effort can make a difference in the lives of these poor creatures.

6 thoughts on “the dolphin massacre in japan”

  1. I don’t do sad animal viewings. I’m okay with watching a human get blown to pieces, and I especially love the most graphic programs on Discovery Health but if I have to watch an animal get a splinter, I get a little watery-eyed. I’m such a softie. I’ll just sign the petition minus the video and assume I get what’s going on.

  2. It’s bad enough that they kill whales “for scientific purposes”. And since these “scientific purposes” have been going on for years you have to wonder who they think they are trying to deceive.

    Leave marine mammals alone I say!

  3. I haven’t had time to watch the video, but do they eat the dolphins or is it “senseless” slaughter. Because when cows and chickens are killed, they tend to be eaten. Just a though. 😀

  4. Watch the video.

    Those of you making the “Its the same as killing cows and chickens”, do us a favor and educate yourself before you embarrass yourselves any further. Here let me get you started:

    I can’t believe you think thats a logical statement.

    Dolphins have an advanced social and mental capacity far greater than any grazing animal. In fact, most researchers agree that bottle-nose dolphins exhibit a level of intelligence greater than that of a dog and even comparable to that of some primates.

    These fishermen in the video prey on the dolphins compassionate nature by wounding a member of the pod because they know the other dolphins won’t abandon a wounded pod member. THINK ABOUT THAT.

    Watch. The. Video.

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